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Desert New York: what a city looks like in the midst of a pandemic

02.04.2020, 12: 00 EST

ForumDaily New York

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The coronavirus pandemic beyond recognition has changed the face of many cities in the world, including New York. How the metropolis looks today can be seen on the record provided by the publication Fox News.

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Back in February, America's largest metropolis was filled with people. In just a month, New York turned into a city that used to be seen only in disaster films: with streets without cars and people closed by shops. It seems that the coronavirus pandemic has paralyzed a city that never sleeps.

Screenshot: Fox News video

Coronavirus killed almost two thousand people in New York State. And this is only the beginning, the news agency writes. Interfaxquoting the words of Governor Andrew Cuomo.

According to Cuomo, the state is aware of 83 cases of infection and 712 deaths.

More than 13,5 thousand people were hospitalized, of which 3 are in the intensive care unit, the governor said.

Screenshot: Fox News video

Over the past day, more than a thousand sick people have fully recovered, a total of 7 309 people in the state have recovered from coronavirus infection.

Since New Yorkers are forced to quarantine at home, the city today looks somewhat frightening without cars ...

Screenshot: Fox News video

and without people ...

Screenshot: Fox News video

And also with quarantined shops, with attractions such as Times Square and Radio City Music Hall on 6th Avenue, which are completely deserted today. Although there is usually nowhere to fall an apple - both day and night.

Screenshot: Fox News video

In total in the USA today it is known about almost 196 thousand sick and more than 4,3 thousand dead.

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And, as Cuomo said, it is predicted that the peak of the spread of the virus in New York will be approximately at the end of April.

You can view the full version of the video here.

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