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Work, leisure and food: we asked Chat GPT to make a guide to New York, and he did a good job


Olga Derkach

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Chat GPT Gradually enter into the daily lives of many people. The editors of ForumDaily New York decided not to stand aside and asked the chat bot about immigrants in New York and their lives. Some of his answers turned out to be very useful, while others are more related to leisure and recreation, but this does not lose their usefulness. What did he tell us GPT-chat?

Immigrants and New York

We started with a simple and banal: How do immigrants live in New York?

The answer was also simple:

“The life of immigrants in New York can be different depending on many factors, such as the country from which they came, their culture, educational level and professional skills, as well as their age and marital status.

However, life in New York can be quite challenging for immigrants due to the high cost of living and the competitive labor market. Depending on income levels, immigrants may find it difficult to find affordable housing and paid medical care.

However, New York City provides many opportunities for education, professional development and business, as well as the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and immerse yourself in a diverse cultural environment.

The environment in New York City can be quite intense, so it can take time for immigrants to adjust to life in the city and understand the local culture. In addition, knowledge of English can be a key factor for successful adaptation and integration into the local society.

In general, life as an immigrant in New York can be both challenging and exciting, and much depends on the specific circumstances and efforts that immigrants are willing to put in to achieve their goals and adapt to the new environment.

Shared Chat GPT and tips on how to get used to life in New York as an immigrant.

In his opinion (if you can say that about a chatbot), there are several tips that can help in this process:

  1. Learn the language. Learn to speak English to make it easier to communicate with the locals and participate in social life.
  2. Connect with other immigrants. Find communities that bring together people of similar cultures and language groups. Interact with people who have gone through the same difficulties as you, they can help you feel less alone and strengthen your bonds with society.
  3. Explore the city. Travel around New York, visit different districts and interesting places. New York has many cultural and entertainment events such as concerts, exhibitions, sporting events, festivals that can help you experience the true atmosphere of the city and enjoy its diversity.
  4. Find a job or volunteer activity. Participating in work or volunteering can help you make new contacts, gain new skills, and boost your self-confidence.
  5. Try to keep your traditions and customs. Don't forget your roots and your culture. At the same time, openness and interest in a new environment are also important qualities in the process of adapting to life in a new country.

Keep in mind that adjusting to a new life can take some time, so don't hesitate to ask for help if you're having trouble.

But to the question: “Why do immigrants go to New York?”, AI highlighted several reasons: job opportunities, multinational environment, educational opportunities, cultural scene, and good transport links.

What do immigrants most often miss in New York?

“For many immigrants in New York, especially those who have just arrived in a new country, missing family and loved ones is a common occurrence. They may also miss their native culture, traditions, and food, which are hard to come by in New York. Some may miss their homeland and familiar way of life, especially if they feel insecure in a new environment and face difficulties in adapting. In addition, many immigrants may miss being able to communicate in their native language and feel understood and accepted in a new environment,” says the chatbot.

Goodies from Chat GPT

Where can I find free psychological help for an immigrant to cope with the difficulties of moving?

AI shared several options:

  1. NYC Well is a free and confidential support line where you can get psychological help in several languages. They also provide the ability to chat and send text messages.
  2. Free Health Clinics - Some clinics provide free psychological and psychotherapist consultations for low-income or uninsured patients.
  3. Immigrant Information Centers - These can provide information on places to get free or low-cost mental health services in your area.
  4. Public Libraries - Many public libraries in New York offer free mental health programs such as social circles and group counseling.
  5. OpenCounseling website - on this website you can find free and low-cost services of psychologists and psychotherapists in New York.
  6. Social Services - Many social services in New York City provide free counseling and support for immigrants who are having difficulty adjusting.
Screenshot: chat.openai

We did not forget to ask about learning English, this topic always excites immigrants.

On the subject: Learn English with Chat-GPT: how to learn a foreign language using artificial intelligence

There are many programs and resources in New York that provide free english tuition for immigrants. Some of them are listed below:

  1. NYC Department of Education Adult Education Program: This is a program that provides free English courses for immigrant adults. Courses are available at various schools and centers throughout the city.
  2. The New York Public Library: Many libraries in the city offer free English courses for immigrants. In addition, libraries also provide a variety of language learning resources such as textbooks and audio and video materials.
  3. The City University of New York (CUNY): CUNY offers free English courses for adults at a variety of institutions, including LaGuardia Community College, Borough of Manhattan Community College, and more.
  4. The English Language Learners and Adult Education Program: This is a program that provides free English language courses to immigrant adults living in various areas of the city. Courses are available at learning centers throughout the city.
  5. The YMCA of Greater New York: Many YMCAs in New York offer free English courses for immigrants. Courses are held both in the morning and in the evening.

The chat also suggested contacting organizations that provide such services, or contacting the local Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) office for more information about possible courses.

In the meantime, you are learning English, it is worth looking for a job. AI helped with that too.

Find a job without knowing English may be difficult, but possible. Here are some ideas that might help:

  1. Start with low-paying jobs: Jobs such as cleaning, construction or restaurant work often do not require excellent language skills. Even though these jobs can be hard, this can be a good start.
  2. Seek work in places where the mother tongue is spoken: You can try to find work in Russian-speaking shops, restaurants or beauty salons, where you can use knowledge of your mother tongue as an advantage.
  3. Contact an employment agency: Employment agencies can help you find work in a particular industry, even if you do not have work experience and good language skills.
  4. Take part in a language course program: Many organizations offer language course programs that help improve your English language skills while looking for a job.
  5. Search for a job online: There are many sites and forums on the Internet where you can find a job without knowing English, for example, in the field of freelancing or remote work.

And if you have been living in New York for a long time, and your English is at a normal level, then the topic of money and earnings can still excite you. We also asked about where to find a part time job in new york.

There are plenty of opportunities for additional income in New York, depending on your skills and preferences. For example: working in restaurants and bars, working in malls and stores, working as a freelancer, working in a taxi, working in real estate, working at events and working in the service industry.

Screenshot: chat.openai

To walk or not to walk, that is the question

If an immigrant has just arrived in New York, Chat GPT advises him to go to the most popular places that only the lazy have not heard of: the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island; Central Park; the Metropolitan Museum; Brooklyn Bridge and Times Square.

But by asking the question a little differently, you can get a more interesting list of places.

Hidden gems of New York that only locals know about:

  1. High Line is a park located on a high railway platform in the city center. This park is one of the most unusual places in New York where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city and look at amazing architecture.
  2. Chelsea Market is an indoor market located in the heart of the Chelsea area. Here you can try local delicacies, buy souvenirs and walk along the narrow streets that resemble Europe.
  3. The Cloisters is a medieval art museum located in Washington Heights. The museum is located in a beautiful building that resembles a medieval castle. Here you can see a collection of sculptures, frescoes, furniture and other items of medieval culture.
  4. Prospect Park is a park located in Brooklyn. This park is less famous than Central Park, but no less beautiful. Here you can walk along the green lawns, ride a bike or have a picnic.
  5. Arthur Avenue is an area of ​​the Bronx that is known for its Italian restaurants and shops. Here you can try real Italian pizza, pasta or ice cream, as well as buy local products and souvenirs.

Like any major city, New York has places to avoid especially at night, and the chatbot highlighted a few:

  1. Harlem: While Harlem has gotten a lot safer in recent years, there are still certain areas you shouldn't visit at night, especially if you're unfamiliar with the city.
  2. Major tourist attractions late in the day: Places like the Empire State Building, Times Square, and the Statue of Liberty are popular with tourists, but late in the day they can become a place for crooks and scammers, so it's best to stay in the busiest areas .
  3. Outlying Areas: There are many lesser-known areas in New York that are best avoided, especially if you are traveling alone.
  4. Harlem River County: Although this area has also become safer in recent years, parts of it can still be dangerous, especially at night.
  5. Nightclubs and Bars of Dubious Reputation: There are many different nightlife spots in New York, but some of them may not be very safe, especially for those who do not know the city well.

We have not ignored those who have been living in New York for a long time and have seen a lot. AI advises such people:

  1. Explore Museums: New York City is known for its museums, and even if you've already visited many of them, there's always something new to discover. For example, you can visit The Metropolitan Museum of Art or The Museum of Modern Art.
  2. Go to an exhibition or a concert: New York always has interesting exhibitions and concerts where you can enjoy music, art and culture.
  3. Explore New Neighborhoods: New York is made up of many different neighborhoods, each with its own character and charm. Try to explore areas you haven't visited yet and discover new places.
  4. Go to a festival or fair: There are many festivals and fairs in New York where you can taste different foods, enjoy music and spend time with friends and family.
  5. Go to a sporting event: New York City is known for its baseball, basketball, and hockey teams, so if you love sports, you can go to a game and support your favorite team.

Socialization Rules: Chat GPT Method

Moving is no easy task. Whether you've just arrived in the US, or moved to New York from California, for example, making new friends can be difficult. We learned where to find friends for a newbie in new york?

Finding friends can be tricky, especially for newcomers to New York, but there are a few options that can help:

  1. Join social media groups dedicated to communication and friendship in New York. In them you can find people with common interests and hobbies, as well as take part in events.
  2. Join communities that are related to your interests. For example, if you like to play basketball, you might try to find a community of basketball players in your area.
  3. Attend events and festivals in the city such as exhibitions, concerts, films, markets and other activities. In these places you can meet new people who are also looking for friends and acquaintances.
  4. Participate in volunteer programs and events. Thus, you can not only help others, but also find like-minded people, as well as gain new skills and knowledge.
  5. Take language courses to learn the language and make new friends from different countries and cultures at the same time.
  6. Join sports clubs, yoga classes, swimming and other physical activities. This can be a great way to not only take care of your health but also meet new people.
  7. Join groups that do charitable work, this will help you not only meet like-minded people, but also take care of your surroundings.

If you are interested in a more romantic relationship, then AI advises to go to bars and clubs more often, to dating events, to various sports clubs, to educational events and to volunteer meetings.

On the first date chatbot offers to meet your soul mate to Central Park, to some rooftop bar, to go on a cruise on the Hudson River, to visit a museum or a restaurant.

Food is everything

Here we come to the most delicious part. As it turned out, chat knows a lot about goodies.

Where can a Russian-speaking immigrant buy their usual products in New York?

An important question: everyone wants buckwheat, but you don’t really want to look for it all over the city. AI helped out here too:

  1. Brighton Bazaar: This is a large store that offers a wide range of products from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries of the former USSR. Here you can find everything from sausages to confectionery.
  2. NetCost Market: This is another large store where you can buy products from Russia, Ukraine and other countries. There is also a large selection of sausages, meat and fish products, cheeses and delicacies.
  3. M&I International Food: This store offers a wide range of products from Russia, Ukraine, Poland and other countries. Here you can find everything: from kvass to potato chips.
  4. Golden Farm Market: This store offers products from Russia, Ukraine, Armenia and other countries. Here you can find everything from lard to fresh vegetables and fruits.
  5. Russian Table: This store offers products from Russia, Ukraine, Georgia and other countries. Here you can find everything: from jam to canned fish.

If you don’t want to go shopping, then stand at the stove and cook, then the chatbot has chosen a few establishments in New York where you can find dishes of post-Soviet countries:

  1. Veselka is a cafe-restaurant in Manhattan that is famous for its Ukrainian dishes, including dumplings, cabbage rolls and borscht.
  2. Mari Vanna is a restaurant located in Manhattan that serves Russian cuisine. The menu includes dishes such as pancakes, Russian salad and more.
  3. Georgian Bread is a Georgian cuisine restaurant where you can try dishes such as khachapuri, khinkali, shish kebab and others.
  4. Mamouns Falafel is a Middle Eastern restaurant chain that serves dishes such as falafel, hummus and baba ghanoush.
  5. Oasis is a restaurant in Brighton Beach that offers Kazakh cuisine such as manti, lagman and pilaf.

And now some specifics. So, the most delicious dumplings, according to the chat, in such establishments as Veselka, Korchma Taras Bulba, The Russian Tea Room, Dacha and Kiev Bakery.

taste kvass you can at: B&H Dairy, Veselka, Brighton Bazaar, M&T Russian Deli and Russian Tea Room.

Well, a bit of non-post-Soviet cuisine, but exactly what half of the population of New York cannot live without - the tastiest coffee in town. According to Chat GPT, you should definitely visit Blue Bottle Coffee, Toby's Estate Coffee and La Colombe Coffee Roasters.

Leisure and other medicines (for the soul)

Favorite places among both city residents and newcomers include the Brooklyn Bridge and Central Park. And of course, immigrants from post-Soviet countries often visit Brighton Beach. But here the story is this - you can either love it or hate it. No other is given.

We talked about language learning, work, help, dating. But what to do if all this is still in the process, but you want to do something. Read books. Fortunately, in New York you can find books in Russian and take some rest:

  1. Russian Bookstore is the largest Russian-language bookstore in New York. It is located in Manhattan at 2915 Ocean Pkwy, Brooklyn, NY 11235.
  2. The Russian Book bookstore is one of the largest in New York. It is located on Brighton Beach, at 227 Brighton Beach Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235.
  3. Russian Bookstore in Manhattan is a small bookstore in Russian in Manhattan. It is located on the east side, at 1745 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10128.
  4. In addition, many regular bookstores such as Barnes & Noble and Strand Bookstore also offer some books in Russian.

Do not forget that social life is very important not only to make new acquaintances, but also to maintain old ones. Therefore, take a photo in New York, so that later there is something to remember and something to show. The most beautiful and popular photo spots in the city The AI ​​named the Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, Times Square, the view from Rockefeller Center, and the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.

And if the soul and body desire a holiday, then the chat told where a Russian-speaking immigrant can celebrate his birthday.

  1. Korchma Taras Bulba is a Ukrainian restaurant located in the East Village. It offers traditional Ukrainian cuisine, live music and dancing.
  2. Nezabudka is a Central Asian restaurant located on Brighton Beach. It offers dishes of Uzbek and Tajik cuisine, an atmosphere of oriental hospitality and live music.
  3. Ermak is a restaurant serving Russian cuisine located in Brighton Beach. It offers traditional dishes such as borscht, dumplings and meatballs, as well as live music.
  4. Russian Samovar is a Russian restaurant located in Manhattan. It offers Russian cuisine, live music and vodka.
  5. Marusya is a restaurant located in Brooklyn that serves Russian cuisine. It also has a bar and club atmosphere.

Well, a little about the sore. We all take the metro, it's faster, but the safety there leaves much to be desired. We decided to ask the chat about that as well. He adviced:

  1. Stay in a group: try not to travel alone at a late hour in less frequented carriages.
  2. Keep an eye on your belongings: keep bags and backpacks closed and in plain sight, do not leave them unattended.
  3. Be careful: watch the behavior of others and do not approach strange people, do not trust them.
  4. Use locks on your bags and pockets: this can help protect your belongings from pickpockets.
  5. If possible, choose cars where other people are.
  6. If you are worried about the behavior of someone in the car, immediately get off at the next station and ask for help from the metro staff.
  7. In an emergency, use the panic button on the station to call for help.
  8. Never leave children unattended.
  9. If you are on the subway during an emergency, follow the instructions of the subway staff and do not panic.

We hope these tips help you feel more secure when using the New York City Subway.

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