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Summer Restaurant Week in New York is about to begin: gourmets will be able to eat inexpensively in cool establishments


Olga Feoktistova

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The July holiday will begin again in the Big Apple Restaurant Week. This is a great chance to eat inexpensively in cool places in the city.

New Yorkers' favorite Restaurant Week returns to their hometown on Monday, July 22nd. It will last until Sunday, August 18th.

Such traditional events have been held twice a year since 2. Restaurant Week promotes gastronomic life New York. You can find affordable set menus in the most reputable restaurants in the city.

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Gourmets will have the opportunity to try the best restaurant dishes in New York at incredibly low prices for lunch and dinner. Hundreds of establishments across all five boroughs are participating in Restaurant Week this year. They offer special menus: lunch of 2 courses, dinner of 3. Or both.

Gourmets will find three price options: $30, $45 and $60. Most restaurants run their promotions from Monday to Friday (Saturday is excluded from the program). Sunday promotions are at the discretion of establishments.

Nice bonus: As in previous years, Mastercard holders will receive $10 back on restaurant transactions of $45 or more.

Details on the menu will be announced later. Reservations officially open on Tuesday, July 16th. In the meantime, see more details here.

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