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New York restaurants can submit an online application to install an outdoor area


Alina Prikhodko

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The mayor's office has opened the Dining out NYC portal so that restaurants can apply to participate in the program to install outdoor areas near their establishments. The online application portal makes it easy for small businesses to participate and includes clear instructions and free drawings for sidewalk and driveway options, according to a press release.

Today, New York City Mayor Eric Adams opened the call for restaurant applications to participate in the Dining Out NYC – a permanent urban outdoor food program. On the portal online applications restaurants will be able to apply for participation in the program, read the rules and download sample menus Dining Out NYC Set-Up Menuto understand what an outdoor area should look like.

Dining Out NYC is one of the most significant efforts in the last decade to reimagine the city's streetscape. Creating vibrant public spaces improves the quality of life for New Yorkers and helps spur economic recovery by supporting small restaurant owners.

The new program builds on lessons learned from the temporary outdoor food program developed during the COVID-19 pandemic. The program saved 100 jobs citywide, but led to quality of life problems as some restaurant owners were unable to maintain a poorly regulated outdoor dining system.

“We're bringing healthy outdoor dining, removing awnings, taking trash off our streets and fundamentally changing the outdoor experience in New York City,” said Mayor Adams. “The portal we're launching today will make it easier for restaurants to participate in the Dining Out NYC program. It will allow us to create establishments that serve patrons, owners, neighbors and our city, while also continuing to employ workers and serve satisfied customers. We've maintained the best aspects of the pandemic program and I can't wait for everyone to be able to dine out this summer!”

Application Portal

The portal simplifies the application process for restaurants to participate in the Dining Out NYC program. An establishment that participates in the temporary program must apply for the permanent program by August 3, 2024, to remain in operation throughout the approval process. Restaurants participating in the temporary program that do not apply by August 3 must remove their existing outdoor dining areas.

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The New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) is notifying all participating restaurants to apply for the ongoing program through the online portal. All restaurants, even those that did not participate in the temporary program, can apply to participate in Dining Out NYC. Within 30 days of approval of the application, the restaurant must install an outdoor area in accordance with the program requirements. According to the schedule, the first approved Dining Out NYC locations will appear on the streets of New York in the summer of 2024.

The Set-Up Menu: Accessible Design Guidelines and Sample Drawings

The Dining Out NYC Set-Up Menu is a valuable resource for restaurants that provides guidelines and guidelines for outdoor dining. Outdoor dining should use lightweight materials that can be easily moved and visible on the street. During installation, sidewalks and emergency lanes of roads should be left clear. Accessibility requirements for people with disabilities must be met.

During non-business hours, restaurants are required to secure tables, chairs and other furnishings on their premises. The units themselves will be equipped with anti-rat equipment and will be able to withstand the elements.

In collaboration with the New York City Economic Development Corporation, the City hired WXY (a planning, urban design and architecture studio) and SITU (a research, design and manufacturing firm) to develop four roadside café prototypes. Each is tailored to a different street setting and showcases Dining Out NYC's intended aesthetic. The plans for these prototypes are freely available and can be downloaded from the Dining Out NYC Set-Up Menu.


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