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Russian stars are not welcome in New York: Netrebko, Gergiev and Butman leave America


Nadezhda Verbitskaya

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Russian stars have long fallen in love with America. Someone chose New York, bought real estate here. And someone preferred to temporarily live on the west coast of the United States, for example, in Los Angeles. But still, it was in New York from Russia that Russian stars most often pressed on tour. Not only pop artists, but also meters of the classical scene. For example, Netrebko, Gergiev, Matsuev. After the start of the war in Ukraine, artists supporting Putin had to forget about a career overseas. And today we decided to find out which celebrity from Russia has already told New York so far and lost everything here. And who else is trying to cling to American life, while remaining in Russia, reports "The Bureau", channel of Russian-language news about New York.

The famous opera diva Anna Netrebko performed here for almost 20 years at the Metropolitan Opera in New York.

In April, she was supposed to go on stage here and participate in the opera Turandot, but she didn’t come out, she won’t come out in November either. It was at this time that another opera with the participation of Netrebko "Don Carlos" was scheduled to be shown. The fact is that the leadership of the Metropolitan Opera immediately condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine. And after the start of the war, there can be no talk of any performances by Russian stars here. This was stated by CEO Peter Gerb.

Thus, at the end of February, a big conflict began between theater director Peter Gerb and opera singer Anna Netrebko. The general director of the Metropolitan Opera delivered an ultimatum to the opera singer. Either she condemns Putin's actions in Ukraine, calls everything by its right name, or contracts with this cultural institution will be terminated. Anna Netrebko has not made any public statement. It is important to say here that Netrebko has always had good relations with the Russian authorities, even very good ones. In 2008, Putin awarded her the title of People's Artist of Russia. A year later, she directly declares that she “defends Russia to the point of hoarseness.” This was a quote from 2012. Netrebko becomes Putin's confidant. In a couple of years, she will pick up the flag of the unrecognized republics of the DPR and LPR.

At the same time, the singer does not forget about America and comes here quite often.

But it’s not always possible to live in a hotel in New York, so Anna Netrebko decides to buy real estate here. The singer buys two apartments at once on the thirty-second floor and an apartment in a combined apartment. 9 rooms, including 4 bedrooms, 2 kitchens, 5 bathrooms and stunning views of the city and the George Washington Bridge. Anna Netrebko used a mortgage to buy real estate in New York. One way or another, in 2009 she receives $ 1,5 million from the bank, and in 2013 already $ 2,255. Anna Netrebko had plans for the future in New York, which had to be changed when the war began.

On the subject: Anna Netrebko put her New York apartment up for sale

Already after the rupture of all relations with the Metropolitan Opera and the big scandal, Anna Netrebko continues to remain silent. And only on March 30, she publishes a post on social networks in which she condemns the war in Ukraine, but it was too late. “I categorically condemn the war in Ukraine, and my thoughts are with the victims of this war, their families. My position is clear. I acknowledge and regret that my past actions or statement may have been misinterpreted. In fact, I have only met President Putin a few times in my entire life. In particular, on the occasion of the presentation of awards in recognition of my art and at the opening ceremony of the Olympiad. Otherwise, I have never received any financial support from the Russian government. I live in Austria and am its tax resident.” As a result, Anna Netrebko said goodbye to New York on Instagram. She posted the video and captioned it: “Thank you for the best 20 years, thank you New York!”. The singer had to say goodbye to the apartments. An advertisement for the sale of apartments on the 32nd floor has already appeared on the site. The star estimated their cost at $ 7,5 million.

Whom Anna Netrebko took offense at was the leadership of the Metropolitan Opera. According to the New York Times, the singer has already filed a complaint with the Department of Labor and seeks compensation of $ 350 for broken contracts. The apartments are for sale, so Anna Netrebko is unlikely to return to New York. But, judging by her social networks, she continues to perform in Europe.

The well-known conductor Valery Gergiev is unlikely to perform in America now.

He has always supported Putin. In 2008 he gave a concert during the war in Georgia, and in 2016 he performed in Syria. Even before the war in Ukraine, conductor Gergiev was always met by activists on the territory of the Lincoln Center. They demanded that all his performances in New York be cancelled. Well, now, after Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Gergiev's entry here is certainly closed. In New York, every time Gergiev came, Matsuev was picketed from a combined group of Ukrainians. There was a similar picket in Washington in XNUMX, when a new ambassador, Antonov, was appointed to replace the previous one. The embassy hosted a reception in Washington DC not far from the embassy at the National Cathedral. And then they brought the Mariinsky, Gergiev and Matsuev. Then the Ukrainians successfully picketed it.

Valery Gergiev, Putin's confidant, also fell in love with New York. In 2004, he purchased an apartment in a skyscraper on West 66th Street. The transaction price then amounted to $ 2,4 million. Conductor Gergiev did not enter this apartment in Manhattan on the 56th floor in the declaration of income in Russia. This is a violation of the law, but apparently everything is possible for people like Gergiev. In Russia, for sure, as it turned out. It was quite easy to find it in the real estate register, because it is recorded on Valery Gergiev. According to the Street easy website, the last deal with conductor Gergiev's apartment was made 8 years ago. Here on the site the price of the apartment is $4,7 million.

Another supporter of the Russian president is the famous saxophonist Igor Butman.

His fate with America brought together several times. In the 80s, he even moved here, studied for a long time, and in 1996 returned to his homeland in Russia. But then Putin appeared in his life. We did not find real estate in New York with Butman. But in the special program there are several addresses where Igor Butman stayed in one way or another. In any case, he is unlikely to come here to perform. Nobody is waiting for him here. Not a single stage will invite a saxophonist who supports the war in Ukraine. It can reach such a limit when it is already impossible to even shake hands, let alone cooperate, pay him money, organize some kind of cultural evenings.

Of course, it doesn't really matter which Russian stars have which real estate in New York or on the US West Coast. It may turn out that during the time of sanctions and the war in Ukraine, someone even bought something for himself from real estate objects. It doesn't matter, because each person either makes a choice for himself, or is made for him or forced to do so.

For more news about life in New York, visit YouTube channel of the Bureau project.

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