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A Christmas tale without the crowds: where to look for winter activities outside of New York City


Alina Prikhodko

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A spectacular winter wonderland has emerged along the shores of Lake George, filled with Christmas magic. You can visit Santa, walk through the magical forest and look at incredible ice figures. secretnyc says this winter wonderland is just 3,5 hours from New York City.

Winter Realms in Lake George has officially opened, and the chance to explore an Après-ski ice bar, visit with Santa, walk a mystical light trail, peer into an igloo, and go ice skating is sure to make you want to get out of New York City.

It's a winter wonderland decorated with over a million color-changing LED lights. There is an exhibition of ice sculptures on site, where all the animals of the Chinese zodiac are represented.

Take a leisurely stroll along the 250-metre dazzling illuminated trail at the Mystic Light Walk, or frolic in the snow, slide down the snow slide and build your own snowman (snowman decorations are free) at the Snow Park.

Coming soon, Polar Pub is a winter bar where you can take European Après-ski culture to the next level over a beer or winter cocktail.


Each year, the team brings the fairy tales to life in different locations across the United States. A second Winter Realms attraction recently opened in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, and four more ice castles can be found in Colorado, Minnesota, New Hampshire and Utah.

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The rebranding of the Lake George attraction allows visitors to experience more weather-resistant winter fun even when snow is scarce. Admission tickets start at $17 off-peak and $20 during high season and give access to the entire attraction.

And for those who want more, you can book your own private room - ideal for a special occasion.

VIP services include:

  • private area, fenced off from prying eyes,
  • 6 tickets to Winter Realms,
  • 6 ice skating passes,
  • 20% discount on goods.

Lake George's Winter Realms will be waiting for you until March 3rd. This is truly an event you won't want to miss. To learn more about this enchanting winter wonderland, visit them site.

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