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The Christmas market in New York's Bryant Park has been named the best in the world.


Alina Prikhodko

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Planet Cruise's research reveals the best must-see Christmas markets around the world. This is the second year that Bryant Park has been ranked first on the list, reports Time-out.

Winter village Bryant Park has been named the best Christmas market in the world in 2023. He bypassed European Christmas markets, which, in our opinion, is very important, since they, as a rule, are of a grandiose scale.

Planet Cruise based its findings on six factors: number of kiosks, opening date, TripAdvisor ratings, TripAdvisor reviews, Google search volume and number of Instagram hashtags.

The site found that the Bryant Park market has 23 reviews on TripAdvisor and highlighted that it is open 854 days, the most of any holiday market in the world.

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What else makes it so great

“The park features a 1600 square meter free ice skating rink with views of skyscrapers and manicured gardens,” Planet Cruise reports. “At 180 stalls on site, visitors can find a variety of handicrafts and seasonal hot dishes.”

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The market, which runs until March 3, 2024, is always lively. Through January 2, the free booth is hosting a Small Business Spotlight highlighting four New York City minority-owned small businesses. You can also cozy up in The Lodge, an indoor area where visitors can sip a holiday cocktail, enjoy delicious food, watch people have fun on the ice, or admire the tree (which will be lit on November 28).

Surprisingly, Winter village in Bryant Park ahead of London's Winter Wonderland and Marienplatz (Münchner Christkindlmarkt) in Munich. The latter dates back to the 10th century, making it one of the oldest Christmas markets in Germany. It is famous for its Crippermarket, consisting of XNUMX stalls offering exclusively Christmas souvenirs and figurines.

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