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Garland garden, cabaret, igloo dinner: ten unusual Christmas events in New York


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This Christmas in the city that never sleeps, there are plenty of festive unusual events that will lift your spirits, reports New York Post.

Ballets and film screenings, cabarets and festive pubs are just a small part of the entertainment that the city offers. Here is a list of must-do activities that will make your holidays unforgettably fun.

Lightscape at Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Brooklyn Botanic Garden invites you to its third annual performance lightscape.

The gardens, located in Prospect Park, are home to a stunning display of holiday lights in 18 installations from a variety of international lighting artists.

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“Nowhere else in the city will you find a more mesmerizing way to spend a winter night, celebrate and gather with friends and family to enjoy New York's new modern classics for the holidays,” said Brooklyn Botanic Garden President and CEO Adrian Benepe.

Cozy in an igloo

This winter, you can have it all: dine al fresco while escaping the cold in a private, heated igloo.

Seasonal lodges are available for booking throughout the city - from more tourist-oriented hotspots such as Bryant park or Rockefeller Center, to more luxurious places such as hotel rooftops PUBLIC or Salon de Ning.

See Elf at the Empire State Building

Head up to the 80th floor to see Will Ferrell star in the Christmas classic Elf.

Although spaghetti and syrup may not be served during the screening, visitors can view Sight New York City and enjoy 360° panoramic views before the movie even starts.

"The Nutcracker" at the New York City Ballet

It wouldn't be a traditional Christmas without a visit to the New York City Ballet, where audiences are transported to the Kingdom of the Sugar Plum Fairy in "The Nutcracker"George Balanchine.

The spectacular performance, which features 90 dancers, 62 musicians, 40 stagehands and more than 125 children, features an impressive Christmas tree that stands almost 12,5m high.

And this year is special: City Ballet notes his 75th birthday.

See the world's largest menorah

Colossal - 11 meters - the menorah will be illuminated every Hanukkah night on Fifth Avenue this year and weighs, at least in past years, a whopping 1800 kg.

This menorah rivals the one at Brooklyn's Grand Army Plaza. It competed with the Manhattan menorah for the title of "world's largest."

Santa's Winter Wonderland at Pier 15

Not to be confused with Disney's The Santa Clauses' Winter Wonderland at Pier 17. This is just as exciting spectacle at Watermark, there are plenty of illuminated trees, holiday photo opportunities, holiday dining, glass houses for relaxation, and even a visit from Santa himself. Plus a breathtaking view of the Brooklyn Bridge.

The Candy Cottage of Christmas Magic

Get a taste of the magic of the North Pole right in the heart of Midtown at the Candy Cottage of Christmas Magic, an immersive experience that offers visitors a customized itinerary for an exciting quest.

Santa's Secret

If you want to get on the naughty list, spice up your holiday by visiting Santa's Secret, a seasonal variety show hosted at Hudson Yards.

The program for guests 18 years and older includes eight immersive installations, a vintage bar serving festive cocktails, and cabaret shows ranging from ballet to burlesque with different types of pole dancing.

Gingerbread Lane at Chelsea Market

For something a little more family-friendly, take a trip down Gingerbread Lane and explore the delightful town, a sweet-tooth paradise made up of nearly 1000 homes that will make your mouth water. If this is anything like past years, when 450kg of gingerbread and 1800kg of candy were involved, then the impressive feat of engineering is a must-see.

The world's largest gingerbread village, which took a year to build, was previously located at Essex Market, but will be on display in Челси until January 7 2024 year.

Frosty's Christmas Bar

Look in Frosty'sto grab a drink at the best bar of the season located in Times Square.

With glitzy decor—nutcrackers, tinsel, ornaments—Frosty's Bar serves a variety of holiday drinks under the glow of holiday lights.

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