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Adams announces 'all-American rat summit' in New York


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Urban Rat Summit will be held in New York. The event aims to combat the rodent crisis. The summit will bring together leading experts on rats, reports FoxNews.

Continuing efforts to contain the problem rats In New York City, Mayor Eric Adams announced the first Urban Rat Summit on May 22.

The summit, which will take place on September 18 and 19, will bring together the best rat experts from Boston, New Orleans and Seattle.

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Adams stated that he "hates rats" and "the best way to defeat our enemy is to know our enemy."

“New Yorkers may not know this about me, but I hate rats and I’m sure most New Yorkers do too,” the mayor admitted. – The number of incidents of rats in rat control zones has decreased by almost 14% compared to last year. We continue to make progress and do not stop there. The best way to defeat our enemy is to know our enemy. That's why we will hold this summit."

“New York is focused on rat control. We are grateful to Mayor Adams and Cornell University for leading this summit. It will promote the dissemination of best practices. This will allow cities across the country to collaborate on ways to control rodents,” said NYC Parks Commissioner Sue Donohue.

The city's director of rodent control, Kathleen Corradi, stressed that New York is "proud" to host the first event of its kind.

Danger to health

Rats pose a potential health hazard.

“The city has been waging a war against rats for 13 months so that we can make progress and rid our city of these dirty rodents,” a city hall official previously said.

Last month, New York health officials warned of an increase in cases of bacterial infections. diseasestransmitted through rat urine. In 2023, 24 cases were reported. This is the maximum figure in the history of the metropolis.

There have now been six cases of leptospirosis linked to rat urine in New York City, according to city health officials.

Leptospirosis can cause kidney damage, meningitis, liver failure, breathing problems and even death, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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