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Steam room, ice baths and aromatherapy: a huge sauna will open in the center of New York


Alina Prikhodko

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Residents of the Big Apple constantly experience stress, so opening relaxing spas seems pretty good business idea. As reported by Time-out, the city's largest sauna will open this summer.

Canadian chain of SPA salons Othership, which has two locations in Toronto, is opening its first New York location. It is scheduled to open in early summer at 2 West 23th Street by Sixth Avenue in the Flatiron area.

The new Othership SPA salon offers sauna and ice bath sessions, as well as aromatherapy and more. Organizers believe that a combination of hot and cold treatments, as well as programs aimed at developing a sense of community, will help New Yorkers relax and achieve emotional stability.

“People are tired of going to a bar or restaurant for a social evening,” said Othership co-founder Amanda Lane. - There must be a better way. People want to reconnect with themselves, relax, let down their guard and feel safe. Othership is a way to socialize without the distractions of technology and gain health benefits along the way.”

What's inside

The 650 square meter space will be the largest in the chain. There will be a custom-designed sauna that can accommodate up to 100 people at a time. It will become “the largest sauna in the city.”

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In addition to the sauna, there will be special ice baths and a 65 square meter circular tea room where people can “gather around the fireplace to relax and socialize between sessions.”

As for the social aspect of the project, visitors will be offered guided group activities and longer evening social gatherings with music and conversation. Othership app will help people “change their emotional state in different ways and at different times.”

At its core, Othership is a spa with a story to tell in a city filled with people constantly complaining about their inability to achieve peace, satisfaction and a balanced sense of self.

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