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When will you be able to see the northern lights over New York again: the earliest is in June


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Americans will be able to see the northern lights on June 6 – exactly 27 days after the previous powerful solar flare, reports Forbes.

According to experts, June 6 is an approximate date. This could potentially happen on June 5th or 7th.

These three days have a chance to be the best time for the northern lights in low latitudes such as Europe and North America. This period goes well with the June new moon.

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Solar activity has calmed down since the extreme G5 geomagnetic storm on May 10. It caused auroras to appear around the world. This is largely due to the fact that the region of the Sun responsible for intense space weather has shifted.

Return of AR3664

Solar flares and aurora-causing coronal mass ejections (eruptions of charged particles) originate from sunspots. These are dark spots on the surface of the star, a place of intense magnetic activity. But usually it is only when they are located close to the center of the Sun that material thrown into space is directed towards Earth.

Because the Star rotates every 27 days, the sunspot that caused the May 10 event, AR3664, has been on the opposite side of the Sun for several weeks. However, in late May, AR3664 returned to the southeastern edge of the Sun, announcing itself with a powerful X-class solar flare on Monday, May 27.

27 days later

Nothing is certain, but if AR3664 remains active, we could see the northern lights around 27 days after the May 10 event. In exactly 27 days June 6th will come.

This is very important, because only in a dark sky are the aurora, especially weak ones, clearly visible.

How to Prepare to Watch the Northern Lights

The best advice is to take your camera with you and find a dark place nearby to go. Wait for advice from experts.

“Don’t think of a schedule until we see a sunspot. Until the spot reappears, we won't know if the aurora will be intense," said Dr. Ryan French, a physicist at the National Solar Observatory (NSO) in Boulder, Colorado.

Since May 10, AR3664 has produced fewer solar flares, but these have been the strongest. But when it comes to solar physics, the past is not a very reliable indicator of the future. It's possible that AR3664 won't be as active by the time it turns toward Earth.

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