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Shows, concerts, installations: the best experience gifts to buy in New York this holiday season


Nadezhda Verbitskaya

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The holidays are fast approaching, which means the annual holiday shopping can no longer be put off! We understand that finding gifts for loved ones is not an easy task. But we have the perfect gift ideas that are guaranteed to please people of all ages. Their list was compiled by Secret nyc.

The best experience is the experience! It's the perfect way to hang out with friends and family during the holidays. From incredible concerts to magical adventures, special treats for movie lovers and more, give your loved ones something they will remember for years to come.

1. Concerts by candlelight

Do you love pop music, classic R&B and more, series of concerts by candlelight will give you a mesmerizing experience in the most beautiful places in New York! An exciting holiday candlelight show featuring the Nutcracker and more is the perfect way to celebrate the holiday season!

For lovers of jazz and soul there is a performance with a performance holiday tunes by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. For lovers of retro music - a show with Christmas songs by Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra. Tickets are available for all three performances. Whatever you have this holiday, it is sure to be remembered for a long time.

2. Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest

Make this holiday magical and go on an adventure with your favorite Muggles in Harry Potter: Forbidden Forest. The beautiful Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park in Westchester County, New York has brought scenes from the Harry movies to life. If you want to take a trip out of town in winter, this charming place is only an hour and a half from Manhattan. You can have an epic duel with anyone, play your best Patronus and see movie characters! Don't miss the opportunity to purchase Accio tickets, until they are gone!

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3. Exhibition dedicated to the Titanic

For everyone who is fond of history, “Titanic. Exhibition". It is a deeply moving experience where you can learn about a life-changing journey. There are personal items and other relics of passengers and survivors. Visitors can also see the interior of the ship in full size. This thought-provoking exhibit is located just minutes away from the Union Square Holiday Market at 6 526th Avenue. And tickets for it currently available for purchase.

4. Exhibition of works by Banksy

For all the rebellious art lovers! This elusive artist continues to captivate fans. You will never know where and how he and his powerful art will manifest! The limited-access exhibition Banksy: Building Castles in the Sky is a private collection of original works by the dynamic artist. There are over 100 items on display including sculptures, Banksy of England banknotes, vinyl art and more, but it won't be for long! Tickets are still available, but the exhibition will only last until December 29th.

5. Lumagica: An Enchanted Forest

Brighten up your holiday with Lumagica: The Enchanted Forest. See over 750 LED lights with whimsical and festival displays. The event takes place at Harvest Moon Farm & Orchard, just an hour from Manhattan by car or subway North. Tickets are already on sale!. With photo shoots everywhere, the scenery is perfect for families and Instagrammers alike!

6. Miracle NYC

Tickets can also be purchased at Miracle NYC, which is located near Times Square at 234 W 42nd St. It is a mesmerizing sight that boasts hundreds of lights and star displays. There are also fun crafts and activities for kids, like baking Chip Elf cookies and making your own decoration. Children can also relax by telling the story of Mrs. Claus and writing a letter to Santa! If you're looking to get into the celebrations in midtown Manhattan, Miracle NYC is a great place to start.

7. Christmas Sinatra Style

For all Frank Sinatra fans tickets for this concert will be the perfect gift! A Very Sinatra Christmas will take place at 74 Wythe in Brooklyn. This showroom offers breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline. You will hear classic compositions such as “Fly Me to the Moon”, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”, “New York, New York” and many other famous tracks performed by talented jazz vocalists. This event is for people aged 21 and over and is perfect for a date night or a special holiday outing.

8. Santa's Secret Immersive Holiday Experience

A secret exciting holiday show for the most daring! Christmas-themed cocktails will be poured. As well as dynamic performances and unique numbers. Before the main show, there will be a walkway with eight different installations to explore. Buy tickets to this festive eventwhich includes a live band, ballet, burlesque and more!

9. Airotic: A Circus Style Cabaret Dinner Show

Airotic: A circus-style cabaret dinner show delights adult guests with world-class acrobatics and delicious cocktails. This event includes a special Cirque cabaret-style dinner show at HK Hall (605 W 48th St) in Manhattan. Airotic: The circus-style cabaret dinner show will only last until the end of December, so take your seatwhile you can!

10. Celebration in the style of the series "Friends"

Grab some of your best friends and relive your favorite scenes from one of the most popular series ever! FRIENDS™ allows you to immerse yourself in your favorite moments of the show. You can relax in Chandler and Joey's deep armchairs, unfold the sofa in the tiny apartment's stairwell, or have some tea at Central Perk. Tickets for this unique event are available and will run in New York until 2023! So give your friends a fun and memorable experience this festive day.

11. Game of 1000 Boxes: NYC's First Live Game Show

Have you ever wanted to be on a game show? 1000 Box Game: New York's first live game show with up to 32 players for a chance to win one of the Mystery Boxes! The game takes place in the Lightbox located at 37 W 248th Street and lasts approximately one hour. With a single ticket purchase, you will be paired with three other players around the same podium, working together as one team of four. Entrance is possible for one, two or a group of four people. Buy tickets to the competition of smart people!

12. MoonRise: A Nouveau Circus Immersive Performance

For astrology lovers! You can connect with your inner moon goddess at this event! MoonRise: A Nouveau Circus Immersive Performance is an immersive theatrical experience with circus acts, multi-sensory interactive installations and themed cocktails. Identify your moon goddess by your birthday and learn more about your sign's traits. A limited number of tickets are available until mid-January 2023. Celebrate Sagittarius and Capricorn season with this unique show!

13. Chinese lantern festival

Enjoy the holidays at NYC Winter Lantern Festival: Journey to the East! This radiant oasis is located in SIUH Public Park on Staten Island. Tickets already went on sale. The event features handmade lanterns and light shows inspired by Chinese myths and legends.

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