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Strength in unity: an ambulance was sent from New York to Ukraine


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On August 8, the Coney Island embankment was filled with Ukrainian flags, activists, politicians and caring people - New Yorkers escorted an ambulance and medicines to Ukraine, for which the charitable organization VSM Humanitaran raised money. Its founders, Vlad Spektor from Odessa and Elizaveta Stefanishina from Kiev, moved to the United States long ago, but the homeland remains in the heart forever, so the guys could not stand aside when the war began in Ukraine.

VSM Humanitaran has already sent hundreds of containers with first aid items, surgical and medical equipment to Ukraine, but now she decided to help with ambulances.

“If we talk about cars, we have just started… At the moment, we are talking specifically about this ambulance, which, as soon as we collect the necessary amount of money, will go to Ukraine. She is already waiting, in fact. Well, in the future we need to send a lot of ambulances. Alas, there is a shortage in Ukraine now. And this is literally in all areas, ”said Vlad Spektor.

Vlad Spektor and Elizaveta Stefanishina. Photo: Olesya Vishnevskaya

One ambulance plus the medicines supplied by VSM Humanitaran, and transporting all this to Ukraine costs about 15 thousand dollars. During the day that the action was held on Coney Island, the organization raised 45 thousand - so three ambulances will go to Ukraine.

Each of them is special: the cars will be decorated with drawings that the little participants of the action created during the event. So the organizers hope to bring smiles on the faces of Ukrainian doctors, who now do not have many reasons to be happy.

Photo: Olesya Vishnevskaya
Photo: Olesya Vishnevskaya

Such success in fundraising is the result of unity. The action was attended by politicians from the city and state of New York, members of the federal authorities and many other caring people. Vlad and Elizabeth never tired of thanking the guests for their support and for the fact that they understand the importance of helping Ukraine: “Thank you to the politicians of the city, state and federal level and their representatives! City Council Deputies Inna Vernikov, Justin Brenan, Narcisse Mercedes, New York State Assembly Members Mikhail Novakhov and Lester Chang, Congressman Hakim Jeffries, and Congresswoman Yvette Clark; Ambassador of the World Dr. Sima Karetna, Consul General of Ukraine in New York Alexei Golubov and, of course, the 60th police station and personally officers Frank Bulzoni and Ray DiMaria!”

Photo: Olesya Vishnevskaya

But the audience did not need to be reminded of the importance of what was happening, they all already know that even a small amount can save a life.

“I think that any help to Ukraine is very important now. The guys are doing a great job. Now this wonderful machine will leave for Ukraine and will save lives there. Now Ukraine really needs help, and any help, minimal - 1 dollar, 1 cent, 1 car - it's all very, very important, ”said Oleksiy, a fundraising participant.

Photo: Olesya Vishnevskaya

Peace Ambassador Dr. Sima Karetnaya saw a more global mission in the action - another step towards peace in Ukraine.

“We want to make sure that what is happening with Ukraine now ends as soon as possible. Urgent medical care is needed there all the time. And I would like to thank these two wonderful people - Lisa and Vlad - for not advertising themselves, but actually implementing many different projects that prove that peace is possible. I want you to know that you can count on my maximum support: wherever I have to appear, I will appear and do whatever is necessary, ”said Sima Karetnaya.

If you want to support VSM Humanitaran's initiatives to send ambulances, medical equipment and medicines to Ukraine, you can do so here to register:.

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