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Scandalous divorce in New York: the wife of a famous surgeon secretly engaged in prostitution for 8 years

27.07.2021, 08: 53 EST

Nurgul Sultanova-Chetin

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Edition New York Daily News received shocking court papers on the divorce of a famous Manhattan spinal surgeon with a former beauty queen. Their fairytale marriage turned into a nightmare when the surgeon learned that his wife was leading the secret life of an elite prostitute.

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Dr. Han Jo Kim was once happily married to former Miss USA contestant Regina Turner. Now he is seeking the annulment of this union.

According to him, the dark-haired beauty with a radiant smile earned almost $ 700 for providing sexual services to her wealthy clients. She led a double life before and after their wedding, which took place on November 27, 2015.

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Kim has filed divorce papers with the Manhattan Supreme Court. They detail how Kim first learned the truth about his wife. It happened in December 2020. Kim discovered on one of the computers in their home an obscene iMessage message intended for Turner. It revealed her sexual contact with another man. Further, the situation only became more complicated.

Kim learned that wealthy people paid Turner for sexual favors. Her clients included a prominent New Jersey property manager and a popular lighting designer.

I would never have married if not for her lies

“We will not explain the obvious, but ... the defendant clearly committed material fraud against Dr. Kim. She hid that she provided sexual services in exchange for money before the wedding, ”the documents say.

“In addition, it is obvious that the plaintiff would never have married the defendant, if not for her lies and concealment,” it says.

Court documents include financial statements allegedly pointing to money transfers to Turner's account from some of her clients. Kim's complaint is for the annulment of his marriage on the grounds that he has been a victim of fraud.

“In many cases, when the plaintiff thought that his wife had gone out with her friends, she actually provided sexual services in exchange for money to other men,” the complaint says.

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Turner's alleged cheating began just after the couple's relationship began back in 2013. Then she told Kim that she had studied science at the University of Connecticut for three years. Then she took time off to participate in the Miss USA pageant. In fact, according to court documents, Turner never even finished high school.

Turner also argued that she needed to be in China often. This was allegedly due to an application she was developing. According to her, it will allow users to upload photos of the clothes they like and find out where the item is sold.

“In reality, the trip was related to the provision of sexual services in exchange for money,” the documents say.

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