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Funny things: comedians and artists from New York created an exhibition that will make anyone laugh


Alina Prikhodko

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Can art make us laugh? Variety comedy shows, musical comedies and stand-up certainly can, but what about the visual arts? Time-out I decided to see if the sculpture could make me laugh.

A troupe of New York artists is opening a free art exhibition this fall.funny things“, which will run from September 23 to October 13 at Andrew Logan Projects in Red Hook.

The exhibition features humorous works created by both artists and comedians.

“The works will be art in their own right, but will be created with the intention of making the viewer laugh out loud,” said exhibition co-organizer Caroline Doyle. She organized the exhibition with Charlie Bardi and Marissa Goldman, comedians and artists.

What awaits you

In one of the sculptures called Costume Adventure: Everything Must Go! viewers are transported to a Halloween store featuring absurd costumes such as the Desperate Longing set. Another work, “Billy Bass Isified,” reimagines the toy by satirizing minimalism and modern design in simple everyday objects. What looks like a simple chair is actually a sculpture called “Inverted Butt Chair.” Other works document everyday moments from a pile of trash collected over three decades. Most of these works are available for sale.

As part of an open competition, everyone could send their works to the exhibition. During the selection process, the curators were guided by a simple metric: Does this piece make the curators laugh? The selection was primarily made by artists from Brooklyn.

Artists include Michael Fails, Taylor Paidos, Chase Porter, Ben DuVall, Stanton Jones, Shar O'Dair-Gadler, Romy Thornton, Free Alexander Tripp, Luciana Randall, Parker Davis, Amy Chiao and Lydia Ricci.

“Some of them have creative careers spanning decades, while others created work for the first time for this exhibition,” says a press release about the exhibition. The comedians had been toying with the idea for several years after getting inspired during a stand-up show. And now, finally, it has become a reality.

The show will culminate in the creation of a humorous video featuring all the entries. It will be posted on the channel Eternal Family. Eternal Family, which co-hosted the show, is a video streaming platform created by a group of artists as a community resource. She shares alternative entertainment in a non-corporate environment.

Where: You can watch “Funny Things” at Andrew Logan Projects (384 Van Brunt Street in Red Hook, Brooklyn).
When: The exhibition runs from September 23 to October 13, open from Wednesday to Sunday from 14:00 to 21:00.
Admission is free.

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