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Hundreds of truckers have decided not to carry cargo to New York anymore: they are angry with the city because of Trump


Alina Prikhodko

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Truckers who support Trump say they refuse to travel to New York. According to New York Post, they rebelled after a New York court fined the 45th president $364 million.

Conservative social media activist and truck driver Chicago Ray posted a video claiming that some of his colleagues are planning to stop delivering cargo to New York in protest. against the decision handed down on Friday, February 16, by the Manhattan Supreme Court.

“I've been talking on the radio to the drivers for the last hour. We managed to talk to about ten drivers. They're going to stop delivering cargo to New York starting Monday,” the Chicago Ray says in the video. “I don’t know how far this has gone across the country or how many truckers will start refusing to transport cargo to New York, but I’ll tell you what: you’ll find out for yourself.”

According to the truck driver, their bosses “won’t care if we refuse transportation - we’ll just go to another place.”

“Do you know how damn hard it is to get into New York with one of these bastards?” he asked, referring to his truck.

The Chicago Ray says 95 percent of truckers support the former president. The X post has been viewed more than 4,6 million times and received over 50 likes. Some on social media expressed support for the boycott.

"Do it! Let us know how we can help! You are NOT alone in this fight!” – one of the users wrote in response.

“We are on the side of the truckers,” another supported him.

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Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Arthur Engoron ruled that Trump must pay a $364 million fine for inflating his wealth by billions over the course of a decade to secure lucrative loans from banks. In addition, the judge banned him from holding leadership positions in corporations registered in New York for three years.

Trump, like the Chicago Ray, called the case “election interference” by his political opponents and predicted other consequences for New York.

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