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New York rescuers will get a salary increase: how to get this job


Alina Prikhodko

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Under a new agreement between the city and the municipal workers' union, the wages of New York City lifeguards will increase to $22 an hour. According to NY Daily News, this improvement for city pool and beach guards comes as municipalities across the country face skills shortages.

Lifeguard wages will increase 11% from the previous rate of $19,50. In addition to their hourly pay, lifeguards already working in the city will receive a $1000 bonus if they work through the end of this year's peak summer season.

“We are proud to have negotiated a $22 hourly rate and $1000 retention bonus for our first responders,” said Henry Garrido, executive director. District Council 37. “As we grapple with the same shortages the rest of the country is facing, this new agreement gives New York a competitive advantage as it prepares for summer.”

To become a lifeguard, candidates must pass qualifying exam, which is conducted by the city Parks Department. These exams began in December and are being conducted at 15 swimming pools across the city. The newly minted lifeguards will be trained in CPR, first aid and rescuing beach and pool visitors.

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Mayor Eric Adams said the pay increase will "certainly encourage more people to become first responders, help address workforce shortages and ensure the safety of New Yorkers is a top priority."

“Being a seasonal lifeguard is more than just a job. This is an opportunity to be part of a courageous team that is dedicated to serving the community. We encourage everyone to register for the competency test today,” said Parks Commissioner Sue Donohue.

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