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List of the worst landlords in New York: who is better not to rent an apartment from


Alina Prikhodko

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Living in New York City is hard enough, but it's even worse when your home faces multiple violations from city officials. The most serious among them are turning off hot water and non-working heating devices.

As the NBC New York New York City Public Advocate Jumaan Williams publishes a list of the city's worst landlords every year, based on the average number of open violations.

For the second year in a row, landlord Daniel Ohebshalom and his managing agent Jonathan Santana topped the list. Together they are responsible for 306 housing units in 15 buildings on the list, Williams said. “3293 open violations is the most in the history of the list,” Williams said.

Violations at the Ohebshalom and Santana buildings include heating failures, rodent infestations and crumbling infrastructure. One of the buildings on the list is on 46th Street in Hell's Kitchen, where John Reeds is the tenant.

“At one time, the leaks were so bad that they leaked down and flooded the boiler room,” Reeds noted.

“Jonathan Santana and Daniel Ohebshalom may be unscrupulous in their negligence and predatory practices, as evidenced by their record of violations, but it is clear that bringing attention to them and other landlords in the city will have a significant impact,” Williams said in a written statement.

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Williams said Ohebshalom has settled three separate lawsuits with the city totaling $4,2 million for “failure to correct hazardous conditions in a number of buildings” since the list was published last year.

The city made emergency repairs to the roof after the landlord appeared to ignore complaints that the structure was at risk of buckling, Reeds said. The city confirmed it has made repairs to the building's roof.

“We constantly suffer from violations that are dangerous to both health and life,” Reeds emphasized.

The worst of the worst

The list is compiled by the Department of Housing Preservation and Development based on violations including “heat and hot water outages, rodent infestation problems and deteriorating infrastructure.” The Housing Authority ranks the “bottom 100” landlords based on the average number of open violations in their buildings since the last list was released in December 2022.

All 2023 listings highlight a total of 13 housing units in 541 buildings across the city.

The community advocate said tenants wondering if their landlord is on the list or looking for resources to help can contact his office via text line at 833-933-1692 or visit the website

Anti-rating of homeowners:

  1. Jonathan Santana – 3293 violations in 306 apartments.

  2. David Tennenbaum - 2416 violations in 591 apartments.

  3. Larry Hirshfield - 1394 violations in 177 apartments.

  4. Sima Abdawi – 1372 violations in 259 apartments.

  5. Alfred Thompson - 1341 violations in 179 apartments.

  6. Anthony Gazivoda – 1317 violations in 503 apartments.

  7. Robert Rafael - 1278 violations in 332 apartments.

  8. Juan Bernal - 1270 violations in 187 apartments.

  9. Judah Stern - 1187 violations in 350 apartments.

  10. Michael Niamonitakis – 1178 violations in 402 apartments.

You can view the entire list of violating homeowners for 2023 here.

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