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A court in New York fined Trump $364 million and deprived his children of the right to run large companies in the state.


Alina Prikhodko

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In September, a court found Trump guilty of financial fraud, and the trial was to determine what penalties the 45th president and his business empire would face. According to Axios, Trump will be fined $364 million.

On Friday, February 16, New York Judge Arthur Engoron ruled that the 45th President Trump, his companies and other defendants must pay nearly $364 million in a civil fraud case related to his businesses. Trump was banned from doing business and holding leadership positions in corporations registered in New York for three years.

Fines are distributed as follows:

  • Trump and his organizations: $354
  • Eric Trump: $4
  • Donald Trump Jr.: $4
  • Allen Weisselberg: $1

Trump associates Weisselberg and Jeffrey McConney are permanently banned from controlling the finances of any business operating in New York. Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. are prohibited from holding senior positions in corporations registered in New York for two years.

Engoron ruled that the court-appointed independent monitor overseeing the Trump Organization's financial activities will continue to serve for at least three years. The judge ordered the appointment of an independent chief compliance officer at the Trump Organization “who will be responsible for ensuring sound financial and accounting practices” and ordered the Trump Organization to pay for the position.

Reaction to the verdict

“We'll appeal and I think we'll be successful, because frankly, if we don't succeed, New York State will disappear.” сказал Trump to reporters that same day, Friday, from Mar-a-Lago.

Trump called New York Attorney General Letitia James “totally corrupt,” saying she “ran her campaign on the slogan, 'I'll get Trump, I'll get Trump.'

"It's Russia. This is China. It's the same game. This all comes from the Department of Justice. Everything comes from Biden. This is a witch hunt against his political opponent the likes of which our country has never seen,” he added.

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“I want to be clear: financial fraud is not a victimless crime,” James said after the ruling, noting that “Donald Trump’s fraud is as baffling as his ego and belief that the rules are are not applicable to him.”

“We are holding him accountable for lies, deceit and lack of remorse, for violating the rules by which we all must play, because in this country there cannot be different rules for different people, and presidents are no exception,” she emphasized.

James claims Trump and his business associates overstated his profits by billions of dollars for more than a decade. Trump acknowledged during testimony that he made some contributions to the financial statements that were the subject of the lawsuit.

During frequent voluntary appearances at trial, he took advantage of media attention to portray himself as a victim of politically motivated prosecutors. The civil fraud trial in New York is just one of several cases Trump faces. In another trial, Trump was ordered to pay $83,3 million in damages. compensation for damage writer E. Jean Carroll for defaming her after she accused him of sexual harassment.

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