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Supersonic Concorde plane returned to New York museum after restoration


Alina Prikhodko

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It's not every day that you see a supersonic plane sailing down a river. So if you've seen the world's fastest passenger airliner, Concorde, sail down the Hudson River, don't be surprised. According to CNN, it just returned to the New York museum after restoration.

The British Airways Concorde airliner is one of 20 supersonic aircraft that were engaged in passenger transportation. It was sanded, re-varnished, and after months of restoration it was returned to Intrepid Museum in NYC. Tours will resume on April 4.

The delta wing aircraft has been the calling card of the aviation and maritime museum since 2003. He made his way down the Hudson River on a barge with an overnight stop in Jersey City (New Jersey). Early on the morning of March 14, the plane was lifted from the barge using a crane and unloaded at Pier 86.

The museum says Concorde set a world speed record for passenger aircraft. In 1996, he covered the distance from New York to London in 2 hours 52 minutes and 59 seconds. It accelerated to 2 km per hour, which is twice the speed of sound.

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The airliner, call sign G-BOAD, first took to the skies in 1976 and at one time operated flights for British Airways and Singapore Airlines.

He made his last flight in 2003 heading to Intrepid. The aircraft was gradually withdrawn from service following an incident that occurred in August 2000. Shortly after takeoff from Paris, the plane crashed, killing all 109 people on board.

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