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Chuck the Groundhog predicted when to expect spring in New York: why Adams does not participate in ceremonies at the zoo, although other mayors went there


Alina Prikhodko

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The annual Groundhog Day took place in New York on February 2. Chuck the Groundhog of Staten Island did not see his shadow on Friday, February 2, and predicted an early spring in 2024. According to CBSnews, in Pennsylvania, Groundhog Phil also predicted an early spring.

Dignitaries and officials gathered at the Staten Island Zoo to watch New York's most famous weather forecaster in action. Students from PS 29, IS 27 and Susan E. Wagner High School took part in the ceremony.

“Staten Island's Chuck is the star of Groundhog Day, but this year he shares the stage with Staten Island schoolchildren who will star in this year's ceremony,” said zoo executive director Ken Mitchell. – Chuck and the children have a special relationship. Children view Chuck as a celebrity, and the zoo partners with local schools to use Groundhog Day as an educational opportunity to teach children about weather and animal adaptations.”

Ten years ago, New York City lost one of its most prized rodents. During Groundhog Day celebrations on February 2, 2014, Bill de Blasio, who was mayor at the time, was unable to properly grab the groundhog who had been cast as Chuck of Staten Island. Charlotte, that was the name of the rodent, escaped from his hands and fell head first to the ground. The animal died a week later from internal injuries.

To be fair, de Blasio was a mayor, not a zookeeper, and wore bulky gloves to protect his hands after the previous Chuck bit his predecessor, Mike Bloomberg, while luring him out of his enclosure.

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Current Mayor Eric Adams skipped the Groundhog Day celebration, since since 2016 the participation of the mayor in the ceremony has been optional. In January 2015, zoo staff made changes to the ceremony so that Chuck will no longer be held during the prediction - for the safety of the animal and city officials.

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