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Tattoo parlor in New York will remove tattoos reminiscent of exes for free


Alina Prikhodko

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They say that New York is the best city in the world to meet your soul mate. However, those with downright terrible dating histories may disagree.

If, in addition to a history that triggers PTSD, you still have a reminder of your ex in the form of a tattoo, then, according to SecretNYC, on Valentine's Day you can get these tattoos removed or change their appearance for free.

According to a recent Tinder study, 52% of single people have body art that they would like to hide or remove as a reminder of their ex. If you are one of them, then this is your chance to get rid of unpleasant memories.

Tinder launched its campaign Ink Twice throughout the USA. He works with tattoo parlors in Austin, Miami and Los Angeles. New York's leading tattoo parlor Inked NYC also joined them.

Melissa Hobley, chief marketing officer at Tinder, said: “We all know someone who has expressed their love in a bold way through matching tattoos or symbolic designs that have hidden meanings. But tattoos are forever, and your feelings for the object of your love may disappear. To help those who feel uncomfortable about getting a tattoo to honor a previous relationship, we created Ink Twice and want these people to feel confident in exploring all the possibilities of new dating.”

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Find out more about the campaign and apply until Friday, February 16th. Those selected for closure will be notified by Tuesday, February 20th. After a successful consultation with Inked NYC, lucky individuals will have three months to schedule a free resurfacing.

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