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Test: how well do you know New York and its history


Lyudmila Balabay

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Millions, maybe billions of people all over the world are in love with New York. Some people love this city because they were born in it and know every street; many fell in love with him after the move; someone became his fan after a tourist visit; many love it from afar dreaming of a stroll through Times Square or relaxing in Central Park.

Thousands of films are dedicated to this city, and certainly not less than songs. We have all seen and heard them. But how much do we really know about the world capital? Test your knowledge of New York with our little quiz. Just one request: resist the temptation to use Google. So it's more interesting. Let's go!


Before becoming New York, was the city called?

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New York was founded at the beginning of the 1664th century by Dutch colonists, and until XNUMX it was called New Amsterdam. After the city was captured by the British, it was renamed New York - in honor of the Duke of York (the younger brother of King Charles II of England).

New York is an island city. 4 out of 5 of his boros are located on the islands. Which boron is located on the mainland?

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The city consists of five districts called “boros”: Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, and Staten Island. Of the five, only the Bronx is located on the mainland, Menhattan and Staten Island are independent islands, and Brooklyn and Queens are located in the western part of the vast island of Long Island. All islands are connected with each other and with the mainland via transport lines.

Many New York parks are built on the site of former cemeteries. Truth or fiction?

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It's true. Madison Square Park, Washington Square Park, Union Square Park, Bryant Park, and even Central Park used to be cemeteries. In Washington Square Park alone, in 1824, more than 20 bodies of beggars and those who died of yellow fever were buried. And when creating parks, the bodies were not transported, the remains of the buried still rest under the vegetation.

In the entire modern history of New York, there was only one day, when for 24 hours in the city there was not a single intentional murder, shootout, cold steel attack or other violent incident. When do you think it was?

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This beautiful day was November 28, 2012. It was the first and so far the only day without violent crime in the metropolis. At the same time, New York has long been ranked first in the list of 25 most secure from a criminal point of view major US cities.

New York has the tallest skyscraper in the United States. What building are you talking about?

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This is the World Trade Center 1, its height (with a spire) is 541 meters, it is the 7th figure in the world and the first in the USA. The height of the Empire State Building is 443 meters, and the skyscraper at 432 Park Avenue is 425,5 meters.

Residents of New York City are prohibited by law from having some pets. Guess which of the three is banned in the Big Apple.

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Do you want a cow or anthill at home - good health! But you can’t duck. And you can’t even ferret, tarantula, eagle and several other animals. Their complete list here.

The number of languages ​​spoken in New York can reach 800. According to scientists, this is the most linguistically diverse city in the world. What place does the Russian language occupy in terms of the number of carriers?

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Russian is in fourth place in New York after English, Spanish and Chinese.

How well do you know New York and its history

New York has not yet revealed its secrets to you, but keep reading our site and the city will become an open book for you.

You have already studied this city quite well. But he always has something to surprise. Continue reading ForumDaily New York and you will learn a lot about the capital of the world.

Wow! Admit, you are a guide to New York. Or just in love with this city to unconsciousness, like us. ForumDaily New York is always there and ready to tell you all the latest and interesting about our beloved city.
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