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Top 13 Useful Apps for New Yorkers


Source: The immigrant alphabet blog on Yandex.Zen

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The smartphone is an essential part of every American's life. The gadget not only helps in life, it simplifies it very well. Order food, taxis, goods and even learn about traffic jams - all this in a small smartphone. Author blog "The alphabet of an immigrant" on Yandex.Zen told what applications will definitely come in handy for you in the USA.


“It was one of the first apps I installed in the US that brought a dining table with chairs, a sofa, and a printer to an empty apartment,” says the blog author. - I think there are few people in the United States who do not use the services of this service. Of course they are. But I don't know them."

Americans love Amazon for fast delivery, a clear return policy and, of course, loyalty programs.

“If you connect an Amazon Prime subscription for $13 a month, you can get a bunch of goodies: even faster delivery, movies and TV shows, as well as two-hour grocery delivery from Whole Foods,” the blogger writes.


If you have already installed Uber in your country, then you do not need to do anything - just link a new card.

And users of the app in the US often also receive discount coupons for food through Uber Eats.

Another taxi app Lyft. They also have a lot of promotions and offers. Usually they download both, see which taxi will be cheaper, and then choose.


This application about incidents. But it is either downloaded and watched regularly, or deliberately ignored.

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“Agree, when a notification arrives several times during the day that someone was attacked near you, someone was robbed, someone was shot somewhere, it becomes scary. The application is very helpful when looking for missing people. This is better than posting ads on poles or posting on social networks,” the author sums up.

Any transport application

The author advises New Yorkers to install NY Subway MTA Map и NYC Bus Tracker & Map. In New York, the intervals between buses and trains are at best at least 5 minutes, and usually 15-16 minutes, but sometimes 30. Therefore, it is better to know the schedule and changes in it in advance.

Credit Karma, Experian or Mint

These apps track and analyze your credit score, search for credit card offers and compare their benefits, evaluate the possibilities of obtaining personal loans (including mortgages).

The application itself will tell you how much you spend and how it affects your credit history. For example, one of the most popular questions among new immigrants is how much you can spend on a credit card so that your credit score does not fall. Some advise spending no more than 10% of the card volume, others - 40%. In the application, it is easy to track and not spend too much. And most importantly - return before the end of the billing period.

View the conditions and download applications available at the links - Credit Karma, Experian or Mint.


Rakuten one of the most profitable and convenient cashback services.

“You make regular online purchases, and once a quarter you receive a check in the mail (or on PayPal) with your cashback. For example, I got back $71,89 for my autumn purchases,” the blogger writes.


The US banking system differs from the systems of the countries of the post-Soviet space. To transfer money from an account to an account in the United States, you need use the app. But this is not a problem, since they are initially "sewn" into banking applications. And although it is unusual at first, after a while you realize that it is very convenient.

Informed Delivery

This application shows all the mail you receive from USPS. To do this, it is enough to download the application, indicate your address, go through a check in their databases (in order to verify that this address belongs to you, a kind of registration check). After that, daily notifications come with a photo of the letters that you receive.


It is a free mobile app, which allows you to scan the barcodes of food, personal care products and instantly see their impact on health. All you have to do is open the app and scan the product barcode.


This is another popular cashback service. According to statistics, users earn from $10 to $300 per month, depending on their shopping activity.

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The application works in such a way that after registering in it, the user receives a list of stores connected to the service. Next, you need to select the networks that you use and study the ones offered. iBotta shares.


This application help you plan and manage your budget. It reflects all your bank accounts, credit cards, retirement and investment accounts.

You just need to go to the application and check how much money you spent and for what, what is the dynamics compared to the last month, whether all the cards are paid.

Park Whiz

Electronic parking service allows users to book parking spaces before arriving at their destination.

This is especially convenient in large cities, where it is quite problematic to find parking.

“The more I travel around the US, the more I understand why many Americans do not have passports. The United States has a huge number of places that attract tourists. And most importantly, all the necessary infrastructure is well developed,” the blogger notes. – To get to the Independence hall, we booked tickets using the application. In total, the application has more than 110 objects across the country.”

The annex among other things, you can develop a travel plan. To do this, just answer a few questions, and the application will offer you suitable options.

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