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Top 15 Wine Tasting Places in New York


Nadezhda Verbitskaya

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Would you like to taste wine in the Big Apple? If you have particular favorites, it can be difficult to know where to find a drink that matches your taste preferences. While we wait for New York's vineyards to reopen this summer, let's talk about some places where you can have a tasting right in the city. Secret NYC.

1. City Winery, Chelsea & Grand Central

City Winery combines New York City nightlife with the cosmopolitan taste of fine wines. And that makes it one of the best wine tasting places in New York. Located along the Hudson River, this place has an indoor concert venue, a good food menu, a bar, and of course, wine tasting!

From Thursday to Sunday from 12:00 pm to 16:00 pm, you can taste more than 30 world-class wines from vineyards around the country while admiring stunning views of the Hudson River and the surrounding cityscape.

Where: Chelsea - 25 11th Ave (on 15th street).

Grand Central - 89 E 42nd St

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2. Gotham Winery, Flatiron

This winery is one of my favorite tasting spots due to its focus on sustainably sourced wines! With a focus on fruit and ease of drinking, Gotham Winery is aimed at the modern wine lover who enjoys the taste and smell of fine wines.

If you want to try one of their organic wines (which makes them seem even more flavorful), we recommend checking out one of the upcoming events, such as the popular Yoga and Wine or Wineland Trips in the summer. Or even join the Gotham Winery Wine Society, which includes training, access to first-class events and tastings.

Where: 115 E 23rd St

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3. EVE Hotel, Midtown

On a separate weekend in February this year, we invite you to visit this event, which includes not only tasting, but also a lot of knowledge about wine! This event, held at the EVEN Hotel, will tell you about the history of wine. About how to pair it with certain products, tips on wine evaluation and tasting!

You will be able to awaken your palate with fresh aromas, as well as learn about different wine regions, tasting techniques and much more.

Buy tickets here!
Where: 221 E 44th St, Floor 2

4. The Red Hook Winery Red hook

Mark Snyder, founder of The Red Hook Winery, created this establishment in 2008 to showcase the finest vineyards in New York City. Working directly with local farmers, The Red Hook Winery harvests grapes from North Fork, Long Island and the Finger Lakes to provide the all-inclusive New York wine experience!

The Red Hook Winery is located on Pier 41. It produces all the available varieties of wines in-house, paying special attention to ensuring that each bottle reflects the climate and geology of each unique New York wine region. Tastings are constantly held here; this is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the stunning views of the East River and the Statue of Liberty!

Where: 175 Van Dyck Street, Pier 41, Suite 325A, Brooklyn

5. Hound's Tree, Williamsburg

Renowned as “New York's first and only manor winery and tasting room,” Hound's Tree is a great wine tasting option in New York. Located in Williamsburg, Hound's Tree Winery draws its drinks from a Long Island vineyard. And it focuses on creating unique tasting conditions for New York.

Homemade wine and a modern, elegant tasting room are the perfect backdrop to expand your taste buds with local varieties. There is a Hound's Tree Wine Club here that you can join. It includes, among other things, quarterly deliveries of specialty wines.

Where: 335 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn

6. Amelie, West Village

Amelie is one of our favorite NYC wine bars and also a great place to find quality food! Here the drinks are oriented towards Europeans, so they give you a more global view of the wine, unlike other places. Noteworthy is the Happier Hour offer, which distinguishes this institution among other diversity. As far as tastings are concerned, stop by Friday or Saturday before 18:00 pm to try their wine flights for $13 ($18 after HH).

Where: West Village - 22 W 8th St.

UWS-566 Amsterdam Ave

7. The Ten Bells, Lower East Side

This cozy establishment is an unfussy place to sip natural wines and enjoy happy hour deals! Perfect for a date on Valentine's Day or for a casual weekend evening. Here you can taste all kinds of natural wines from their seemingly endless wine list!

If you are looking for a specific wine tasting event, be sure to follow their Instagram, where they announce events ranging from pop-up events to "Meet the Winemaker" talks. From wine to a $1 oyster bar, everything here is of excellent quality.

Where: 247 Broome St

8. Rooftop Reds, Brooklyn Navy Yard

Since 2016, Rooftop Reds has been the world's first commercially viable urban rooftop vineyard! During the summer, Rooftop Reds is located at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and you can check out their custom urban planting system here. Their collection features wines from both the Finger Lakes region and Brooklyn vineyards, so you'll never guess what's on the menu!

Follow the Rooftop Reds at Instagram, because he is preparing to announce tastings and other events for the summer of 2023!

Where: 299 Sands St, Building 275, Brooklyn

9 Sauced, Williamsburg

While Sauced in Williamsburg technically has a menu, it's best to ask advice from one of the extremely knowledgeable staff at this wine spot. The institution's collection consists of all types of European wines, including hard-to-find orange! When the weather is nice, the backyard is a great place to taste different glass fillings and connect with others who are doing the same. If the weather is cool, you can sit inside and chat with the bartender, who has an interesting wine experience.

Where: 331 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn

10. Despaña Vinos y Mas, Lower East Side

Specializing in Spanish wines such as Garnacha, Tempranillo, Mencia and many more, this wine shop offers tastings every Thursday from 17:00 to 19:00. In addition, there are a variety of classes depending on the region of Spain, which you can book (although they sell out very quickly). You can see their content here.

Where: 410 Broome St.

11. Corkbuzz, Union Square & Chelsea Market

Corkbuzz Wine has two locations, the main one being in Union Square. This wine bar-restaurant has all sorts of great deals for tasters, including a $20 blind tasting test, happy hour Tuesday to Saturday (16pm to 00pm), and wine classes that cover educational topics like “Wine 18” and various wine regions (New York State, France, etc.).

Regardless of which day of the week to look here, every guest will surely be satisfied. And if you want even more emotions, visit the virtual tasting classes of the institution.

Where: Union Square - 13 E 13th St.

Chelsea Market - 75 9th Ave

12. Jones Street Wine, West Village

This cute liquor store is always filled to the brim with affordable and fine wines that New Yorkers are sure to love! Located in the West Village, it is the perfect place to stop after dinner on your way home! On Wednesday evenings, usually from 19:00 to 21:00, wine tastings are held here. This is usually done and curated by knowledgeable Jones staff, so if you love wine this is a must visit place.

Where: 23 Jones Street

13. Astor Wines & Spirits, NoHo

Astor Wines and Spirits offers some of our favorite FREE tastings and activities in all of New York! Learn about everything from Hungarian wines to Naturale vermouth by tasting samples and learning tips on all types of alcohol. In addition, at the end of classes, you can get a 20% discount on any wine from their huge range. Check out some of the upcoming events here.

Where: 399 Lafayette St.

14. Orange Glow, Lower East Side

Dubbed “the world's first and only orange wine store,” this LES store offers both face-to-face and virtual tastings! As for face-to-face tastings, Orange Glou works on a booking system. That is, an hour-long tasting at a price of $65 per person must include at least 10 people. You can see all tasting packages here or visit the store today.

Where: 264 Broome St

15. Temperance Wine Bar, West Village

Last but not least on our list is Temperance Wine Bar, a great choice for every wine lover. It is noteworthy that tastings are held here daily. On Wednesdays from 16:00 pm to 18:00 pm, they happen blind ($21 for 3 glasses). There are also private tastings conducted by qualified staff (for large groups). Whatever you're looking for, you should stop by and try one of the 100+ wines.

Where: 40 Carmine St

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