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Top 15 NYC Immersion Exhibitions That Will Take You to Incredible Places


Olga Derkach

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We love New York, but sometimes you want to step into another world. Exciting interactive and engaging exhibitions have been popping up in the city for many years. However, the beauty of these experiences is that you are actually "immersed". From visual/audio presentations on massive walls to theatrical performances and even unique gastronomic experiences, there are so many ways to immerse yourself in a mind-blowing escape from reality. Edition Secret nyc put together a list of the best immersive exhibits in New York worth checking out right now.

1. The Queen's Ball: A Bridgerton Experience

Step into the world of the hit Netflix show Bridgerton. An exciting theatrical performance will take place in New York this May. Sip on themed cocktails like Whistledown & Dirty and enjoy live music from the show while watching exciting dance shows and aerobic performances. Be sure to dress up in your finest English Regency costumes as you can take part in the show and even take a photo op along the way. Get ready for the best royal ball of your life.

  • Details and tickets link.
  • Address: 508 W 37th St.

2. The FRIENDS™ Experience

Are you ready to feel like one of the members of the Friends team? Walk through recreated sets from the iconic sitcom that include sitting on the iconic orange couch, ordering coffee at Central Perk, lounging on chairs in Joey and Chandler's living room, and more. See real props from the show, take pictures with friends. It really is a complete immersion for any Friends fan.

  • Details and tickets link.
  • Address: 130 E 23rd St

3. Destination Cosmos

Get ready for an extraordinary experience at the Hall des Lumières, where you will take a journey through time and space. This visual and audio experience will take you into a world of stars, planets, nebulae and supernovae, allowing you to explore the rover, the hot surface of the Sun, and more. Take a walk on their ground floor or sneak down into their darker basement where you can lounge on bean bags, peek into their mirror room and take pictures in a photo booth. The exhibition was created in partnership with NASA, so all the visuals are top notch.

  • Details and tickets link.
  • Address: 49 Chambers St

On the subject:

4 Titanic: The Exhibition

Surround yourself with relics and artifacts from the world's most famous shipwreck. Embark on a journey recounting the events of the fateful day of 1912, while viewing old photographs, belongings and personal stories of passengers aboard the Titanic. Finish it off by walking through the recreated interior of the ship, from the first class suite to the modest third class cabin.

  • Details and tickets link.
  • Address: 526 6th Ave

5. Dining in the Dark

Looking for a unique food experience? Embark on Dining in the Dark, a tasting that will make your taste buds tingle and your curiosity peak! Once you choose a certain style menu, you will be blindfolded and your other senses will be lifted to new heights as you taste the delicious special selected food. Not to mention that the venue is lit only by candles. You will go on an unforgettable culinary journey.

  • Details and tickets link.
  • Address: 111 N 12th St, Brooklyn

6. Small is Beautiful

Immerse yourself in a miniature world where almost everything needs to be viewed through a magnifying glass. The little pieces of art on display here will literally make you stare. It has everything from tiny pizzas to movie characters carved into pencil tips. More than 130 mini-works and 80 photos will immerse you in an exciting world that you did not even know existed.

  • Details and tickets link.
  • Address: Broadway 718


Experience multi-sensory art at INTER_, where the worlds of fire, water, earth and air come together. Created by New York-based venture studio JOBI Experiential in collaboration with artist Pete Sachs, this immersive exhibit features several different components such as INTER_personal and INTER_connected, among many others. If you want an immersion that will make you think, reflect and experiment, head here.

  • Details and tickets link.
  • Address: Broadway 415

8. Museum of Digital Experiences

Get up close and personal with digital art installations at the Digital Experience Museum. This is where you become art as your movements and more control the exhibits. Whether you're a tech enthusiast or an art lover in general, participating in 14 unique installations is well worth your time.

  • Details and tickets link.
  • Address: 65 Jay St, Brooklyn

9 Museum of Ice Cream

Immerse yourself in the world of sweets where you will find everything related to ice cream that you could only dream of. It has everything from an ice cream pool to a three-story slide. Of course, the dive would not be complete without ice cream, which you will snack on along the way.

  • Details and tickets link.
  • Address: Broadway 558

10 Museum of Failure

Laugh at all sorts of funny inventions that went wrong at the Museum of Failure. This show, located in Brooklyn, will showcase failed products and innovations from major companies and industries from around the world.

  • Details and tickets link.
  • Address: 900 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn

11 Drunk Shakespeare

Join the Drunken Shakespeare Society for an exciting night of classic Shakespearean fun, cocktails, performances and more. Each show is unique and it's an unusual way to watch the actors put on a raucous performance while sipping shots of whiskey at the same time.

  • Details and tickets link.
  • Address: 125 Pearl St

12. Sonic Sanctuary Sundays

An immersive music and wellness experience awaits you, with one-of-a-kind instrumentalists and wellness professionals who will teach you how to relax and connect with nature. The 3-hour experience includes healing traditions from different cultures, 360 dimensional sound healings, a Himalayan salt cave meditation, a cocoa ceremony and more.

  • Details and tickets link.
  • Address: 510 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn

13. Gustav Klimt: Gold in Motion

This exhibition, from the same team as Destination Cosmos, is dedicated to the life and work of Gustav Klimt. Using cutting-edge mapping technology and elegant soundtracks, they turn the place into a canvas for Klimt's greatest works. You will see his most iconic paintings "The Kiss" and "Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I".

  • Details and tickets link.
  • Address: 49 Chambers St

14. Sloomoo Institute

Unleash your inner child at the Sloomoo Institute, an immersive space that lets you explore colors, slimes, scents and more. The 12-square-foot experimental space is filled with whimsical textures, ASMR sounds, and contemporary art. Play with kinetic sand and create your own slime, these are just some of the things you can do here.

  • Details and tickets link.
  • Address: Broadway 475

15. Wonderland Dreams

Explore Alexa Mead's Wonderland Dreams while you still can. New York's "Handpainted Only Exhibition" brings to life the story of Alice's adventures in Wonderland, including falling down the rabbit hole into secret rose gardens, attending crazy tea parties, and literally immersing yourself in the artwork.

  • Details and tickets link.
  • Address: 529 5th Ave

16 Color Factory

Get inspired at the Paint Factory where you can play and discover with color. Visit the Into the Blue ball pool, dance the night away during a quiet disco, and explore the various artist works throughout the space. There is so much to do here.

  • Details and tickets link.
  • Address: 251 Spring St.
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