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Famous places in New York: 18 locations where films and TV series were filmed


Olga Derkach

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Have you been looking for a guide to famous filming locations in New York that will help you experience the magic of Hollywood? Owner and editor of the site The World and Then Some Elle-Rose talked about some of the most iconic New York City filming locations that have appeared in films over the years. Next - in the first person.

One of the things I love most about New York is how recognizable many parts of the city are in movies and TV shows. And one of my favorite things to do when I'm in New York is to walk around famous movie locations.

In this list, I have collected the best filming locations in New York so that you too can see the city through the eyes of a Hollywood camera.

From starring in the Avengers films to Christmas favorites like Home Alone, I tried to include a little bit of everything on this list.

Plaza Hotel

  • Website:
  • Address: 768 5th Ave, New York, NY 10019
  • Phone: + 1 212-759-3000
  • Nearest metro station: 5 Av/59 St

Topping the list of various filming locations in New York is the iconic Plaza Hotel. It opened its doors in 1907 and looks like a beautiful French Renaissance style building that is very luxurious.

Although you can go inside and explore the lobby, it's quite expensive to book a room here (it's one of the most luxurious hotels in the city).

The hotel's luxurious reputation is one of the reasons why The Plaza is among the most popular locations in New York for filming everything from weddings to high-end meetings.

Not only the comedy Bride Wars was filmed here, but also the films North by Northwest and The Great Gatsby, as well as the incredible Home Alone 2 franchise.

Photo: IStock

Katz's Deli

Next on my list is the iconic Katz's Deli. This is one of the most famous film locations in New York, without a doubt.

You will recognize this place primarily from the cult romantic comedy When Harry Met Sally.

Remember the dinner scene where Sally spoofs BIG-O? So, it was filmed here. If you're lucky, you'll be able to sit in this particular booth.

Many travel and foodie TV shows have been filmed here, making it a very popular destination among tourists and visitors.

Oh, and the Disney movie Enchanted was filmed here, too.

Tip: i would definitely plan to visit this place early in the day to avoid the longest lines and wait times.

Times Square

I suggest choosing the bright and beautiful Times Square as your next filming location in New York.

It is one of the most recognizable places in the city and has been featured in many TV shows and films.

From brief appearances in Captain America: The First Avenger, Spider-Man 3 and Date Night, this location is perfect for showcasing a vibrant part of New York City.

Times Square is also in the heart of the city, so you can catch a Broadway show or grab a bite to eat afterwards.

Tip: After exploring Times Square, I recommend visiting the Broadway Museum, where you can see many fun costumes and props from Broadway shows.

Photo: IStock

Apartment from "Friends"

  • Address: 90 Bedford St, New York, NY 10014, USA
  • Nearest metro station: Christopher St-Sheridan Sq or W 4 St-Wash Sq.

Situated in the heart of Greenwich Village is the next place on my list of famous places. This is 90 Bedford St.

What makes him super famous? You'll recognize this building from one of the most famous sitcoms in history, Friends.

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Clearly, it is iconic, instantly recognizable and one of the best television locations in New York.

Empire State Building

  • Website:
  • Address: 20 W 34th St., New York, NY 10001, United States
  • Phone: + 1 212-736-3100
  • Nearest metro station: 34 St-Herald Sq

Next on my list of the best movie locations in New York is the Empire State Building.

Who hasn't heard of the Empire State Building? This incredible Art Deco building has dominated the New York skyline since it was built in 1930.

And can you believe that it has appeared in approximately 250 films over the years?

The building's use as a film set in New York began with the release of King Kong in 1933, but it has appeared in many other films.

You can see this place not only in the movie Elf, but also in Sleepless in Seattle, Independence Day and An Affair to Remember.

Just be sure to buy an upper level ticket to enjoy the iconic views of New York City.

Photo: IStock

Central Station Terminal

The next place I recommend visiting is the Central Station terminal.

Despite being a full-fledged train station, Grand Central Terminal has been one of the most popular filming locations in New York City for many years.

He is best known for the films “Men in Black” and even for the cult TV series “Gossip Girl”. Don't forget about his appearance in The Avengers and John Wick 3.

Central Terminal has also become a favorite backdrop for Hollywood: the location has appeared in two films starring Will Smith.

In the film I Am Legend (2007), the exterior of the terminal served as a post-apocalyptic setting, and in the film Men in Black (1997), otherworldly aliens were discovered in its locker room.

The place itself is really beautiful, so it's worth a visit anyway.

From the famous four-faced clock to the beautiful Beaux-Arts design, it is an indescribable and iconic landmark in the city.

Photo: IStock

American Museum of Natural History

  • Website:
  • Address: 200 Central Park West, New York, NY 10024, United States
  • Nearest metro station: 81 St-Museum of Natural History

If you've seen the movie Night at the Museum, you're probably familiar with the super-popular American Museum of Natural History.

You will see this famous building in the films Malcolm X, Men in Black 2 and even The Devil Wears Prada, among other things.

You may not be lucky enough to meet Meryl Streep here, but you can follow in the footsteps of Miranda Priestly herself.

While at the museum, be sure to check out the prehistoric artifacts, meteorites, and gemstones scattered throughout the grounds.

This is one of those places in New York that will take at least several hours to fully explore.

Photo: IStock

The Statue of Liberty

If you're looking for New York City film locations that truly capture the essence of the Big Apple, head to the Statue of Liberty.

This New York icon has long been considered a symbol of freedom for foreign travelers. And all because it was the first thing they saw when going to the USA to fulfill their American dream.

The Statue of Liberty has appeared in films such as Cloverfield, Ghostbusters, The Immigrant and The Day After Tomorrow. So you can see her quite often in Hollywood.

Although the statue often appears in disaster films because its destruction appears so significant, it is often visible in the background of many shots.

If you want to see the Statue of Liberty in other films, watch Spider-Man: No Way Home or Planet of the Apes.

Photo: IStock

New York Public Library

  • Website:
  • Address: 476 5th Ave, New York, NY 10018
  • Phone: + 1 917-275-6975
  • Nearest metro station: 5 Av

No less interesting is the next attraction on my list - the New York Public Library.

The architecture of this building alone is worth a visit.

Grand staircases and dangling library chandeliers have appeared in films, notably in Ghostbusters, The Thomas Crown Affair and The Day After Tomorrow.

And if you're a Carrie Bradshaw fan, you might recognize this as the location she chose for her doomed wedding in the 2008 film Sex and the City.

Photo: IStock

Tiffany's & Co

Tiffany's is the pinnacle of the Big Apple's glamorous reputation, which explains why it's one of the best filming locations in New York.

You'll recognize this location from the classic Audrey Hepburn film Breakfast at Tiffany's.

But you can also see this site in the movie Stylish Thing, where Patrick Dempsey proposes to Reese Witherspoon.

Besides the magic of cinema, you can have breakfast at the Blue Box Cafe or just take a stroll around.

Photo: IStock

Rockefeller Center

If you've been to New York, you're probably familiar with one of the city's most famous places depicted in movies—Rockefeller Center.

Although this place is famous for its huge Christmas tree and ice skating, it has been featured in many films and television shows.

Not only part of the 2003 film Elf was filmed here, but also Home Alone 2, Mr. Deeds Moves to Town, and 2021's Respect.

If you're more of a Marvel movie fan, this is one of the filming locations in New York that can be seen in Hawkeye.

Whether you're here to enjoy the stunning scenery or want to indulge in some movie-going, this is one New York City attraction that never disappoints.

Photo: IStock

Bethesda Terrace and Fountain

Bethesda Terrace & Fountain continues my list of famous movie locations in New York City.

Bethesda Terrace & Fountain is located in Central Park, but since many films were filmed in this location, it deserves a special mention.

So, what was filmed here: “Ransom”, “Home Alone 2”, “Lost”, “City Girls”, “27 Weddings”, “Once Upon a Time in Rome”, “The Avengers” and many others.

There’s just something about this fountain that filmmakers like so much.

Photo: IStock

Radio City Music Hall

If you have already visited Rockefeller Center, then it is worth checking out Radio City Music Hall, because it is very close.

It was built back in the 1930s and is where the famous rockettes can be seen performing incredible movements with their legs in unison.

But if you're here to see New York movie locations, check out the Music Hall in The Godfather and Home Alone 2.

And, of course, the original Annie from 1982.

Photo: IStock

The Loeb Boathouse

Are you planning to visit Central Park during your trip to New York? If so, be sure to check out the next movie location on my list of movie attractions.

The Loeb Boathouse has been used for filming lyrical films for many years, as it is a romantic, relatively secluded and simply chic location.

And you certainly can't beat the overall magical atmosphere that reigns in Central Park.

If you're wondering what was filmed here, some of the most famous films include When Harry Met Sally and 27 Weddings.

Photo: IStock

Washington Square Park

I recommend choosing the legendary Washington Square Park as your next place to visit during your vacation.

It is located in Greenwich Village and is home to the Washington Square Arch.

There is also a beautiful fountain here that pleases the eye.

While you may recognize this location from the films Ghostbusters 2 and I Am Legend, its most famous appearance was in Avengers: Infinity War.

Photo: IStock

Firehouse Hook and Ladder 8

  • Address: 14 N Moore St, New York, NY 10013
  • Phone: + 1 718-999-2000
  • Nearest metro station: Franklin St

You probably know the next place on my list from the amazing movie Ghostbusters. This is the iconic Ghostbusters headquarters that was featured in the original 1984 film (and its 2016 remake).

Although the film featured many of the firehouse exteriors, it is worth noting that several interior scenes were ingeniously created within the walls of the Los Angeles studio.

However, the indelible Ghostbusters logo, a symbol of paranormal heroism, hangs proudly on the Firefighters building today.

The Hook and Ladder Firehouse 8 made numerous appearances in the 2005 film House Rules: Hitch, as well as in episodes of such beloved television series as Seinfeld and How I Met Your Mother.

Photo: IStock

66 Perry Street

  • Address: 66 Perry St, New York, NY 10014, USA
  • Nearest metro station: Christopher St Sheridan Sq

Next on my list of famous movie locations in New York is 66 Perry Street.

Carrie's apartment from Sex and the City is located here, and this place lives in the hearts of all fans of the series.

Photo: IStock

Smith & Wollensky

  • Website:
  • Address: 797 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10022
  • Phone: + 1 212-753-1530
  • Nearest metro station: 51 St

And completing my list of famous places Smith & Wollensky. In fact, this famous steakhouse is one of the most iconic in the city, but its appeal goes far beyond its culinary excellence.

The restaurant's classic atmosphere and prime location in Midtown Manhattan have made it popular among filmmakers looking to capture the essence of New York City on camera.

As a result, Smith & Wollensky appeared in several cult films.

The most famous of them is American Psycho. In this cult classic starring Christian Bale, Smith & Wollensky serves as the backdrop for a memorable dinner scene during which the characters engage in witty yet dark conversation.

The Devil's Advocate is another famous movie that was filmed here. This legal thriller starring Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino features Smith & Wollensky as the backdrop for one of the film's key scenes, adding to the restaurant's cinematic heritage.

Photo: IStock
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