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Top 7 professions that allow you to travel and how to get them


Nadezhda Verbitskaya

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Some people love to travel so much that they make it their job. Hotel pilots and general managers are among the most in-demand jobs in the tourism sector. But there are many other professions associated with travel, reports AFAR.

We'll take a look at seven of the most common travel-related careers, along with their pros, cons, and resources to pursue.


If this is the first job that comes to mind when you imagine a career in travel, you are not alone. But life in perpetual motion is not as glamorous as it seems. Junior flight attendants don't always make big money. They often find it difficult to build relationships, start a family or spend time with loved ones. However, their schedule is flexible. And the benefits of working (unlimited free flights and big discounts) outweigh the negatives.

So how do you become a flight attendant? US airlines provide training programs that last from three to six weeks. You must have at least a high school diploma or GED equivalent. Although preference is often given to candidates with higher education and experience in customer service. Applicants must meet certain physical requirements regarding height, weight, vision and general health. Background and criminal background checks are required.

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To learn more about flight attendant training programs, visit the websites of major US carriers such as Delta, United, JetBlue и Southwest. For a fuller picture of the job, read the 2012 bestselling stewardess Heather Poole's Attitudes to Travel: Tales of Crashes, Crew Drama, and Crazy Passengers at 35 Feet.

English teacher

Teaching English abroad can be a great way to live the life of an expat. To get a job at a reputable school or language institute, you will need a four-year bachelor's degree in any subject area, as well as an English as a Second Language (ESL) teaching qualification from an accredited program. Private language schools and government recruitment agencies are asking for certifications TEFL or TESOL .

Once you receive your certification, you will be able to apply for a job almost anywhere in the world through a special program. Or find jobs on sites like Teach Away, Transitions Abroad, ESL Base и Dave's ESL Cafe. There is a high demand for native English teachers in China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Czech Republic, Germany and the UAE. ESL and TESOL certifications entitle you to teach English as a second language in public schools throughout the United States.

social media influencer

Ask anyone who has a huge following on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or Facebook, and they will often attribute their success to luck and hard work. Kirsten "Kiki" Rich, aka The Blonde Abroad, didn't score overnight 519 Instagram followers and 189 Facebook fans. “The fight was real,” Rich remarked. “I worked like crazy. I started off with a gentle travel blog post. All my trips in the first year or two were budget or volunteer events.”

Nearly eight years later, Rich is running a multi-platform business with multiple sources of income. But the work is still going on every day. And it's not just about taking beautiful pictures. Travelers looking to make money as a blogger or social media star need to invest in professional photography equipment, develop strategic advertising and marketing campaigns. And above all, find an untapped niche where they can create original content with a unique point of view.

Cruise ship captain

An aquaphile who can't imagine anything better than sailing a ship should consider working on the high seas. Most captains start their careers at an elite maritime academy, earning a four-year degree. A bachelor's or master's degree in marine science or marine engineering is required to complete the course. Later, they gain real-world experience through boating internships, watch officers on the watch, and slowly rise through the ranks. They move from third mate to second mate to first mate and eventually become the captain of a ship. But this is not the only way to get on the water. Captains of river and other inland vessels can learn the basics as sailors and receive on-the-job training on the job.

To obtain a license as a sea captain, several certificates must be obtained, including transport worker's certificate и merchant seaman's certificateand pass a test issued by the US Coast Guard.

Foreign Service Officer

Specialists at US Foreign Service are not as well liked on television as their FBI and CIA counterparts. But their work is extremely important. An applicant for the diplomatic service must pass a rigorous examination. It will be tested on a wide range of subjects, including world history and geography, US government and economics, and American culture. The Foreign Service Officer Test (FSOT) is followed by an oral assessment. This is usually a combination of interviews and role-plays that test the candidate's diplomatic skills. Knowledge of a foreign language is also a plus. In addition, medical examinations and security checks are carried out. After passing the exam, the selection process for a Foreign Service Officer can take anywhere from six months to two years.

When an applicant is hired, the officer is posted to any of the approximately 300 US embassies or consulates around the world. The constant travel can be difficult for the wife and children of an officer. But the potential benefits of working include overseas housing and utilities, transportation and security, tuition for children in grades K-12, and foreign language tuition. To learn more about preparing for the FSOT and what to expect in a career in diplomacy, start here. Foreign Service PDF.


Babysitting is ideal for those who want to work abroad without being tied down to one particular long-term career path. Usually, the family hiring a nanny pays for her room and board, pays a weekly or monthly salary. Her duties include childcare, English lessons and light housekeeping. Most often, nannies are girls aged 18 to 30, unmarried and without children. Au Pair World is the most famous platform for connecting potential nannies to families in need. Here you can find job opportunities in 21 host countries including Finland, Switzerland and Australia. At new au pair a broader database listing over 2000 job openings in 150 countries.

ski instructor

Most ski instructor positions are seasonal. Therefore, outdoor enthusiasts often choose other physically demanding jobs (such as mountain or rafting guides) during the summer months. But some diehard skiers will follow the snow and travel the world to do what they love year round.

You can work as a ski instructor throughout the United States or overseas in places like New Zealand, Chile and France. But the minimum standards for ski training certification defined by International Association of Ski Instructors (ISIA) vary by country. In the United States, a Level I Instructor is allowed to teach beginners the basics of downhill or cross-country skiing on groomed trails. A level II instructor works with more experienced skiers with a focus on technique. Only the best skiers can earn the highest level III certification, which is tested during a four-day exam.

While ski instructors don't get paid as much, most of them don't do it for money. Free and discounted lift tickets and daily reports on the slopes are enough to pay. To find out which ski instructor positions are currently available, view country-specific job postings such as cool works (for USA) and New Zealand Snowsports Instructors Alliance.

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