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Eight online maps and apps to find the perfect spot to view the solar eclipse


Alina Prikhodko

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Enjoying the unique natural phenomenon of a total solar eclipse is the dream of many astronomy and travel lovers. However, to successfully witness this amazing event requires not only luck, but also proper preparation. Forbes compiled a list of the most interesting and valuable resources needed to observe this unique phenomenon.

Join the world's astronomical hunt for total solar eclipse 8 April 2024 years!

1. Interactive Google Map

Every eclipse lover in the world uses this map. It was designed by Frenchman Xavier Jubier and is ideal for testing the suitability of an area for viewing an eclipse. Click anywhere on the map and you will see data on the exact time of the eclipse and more. Don't forget to turn on the time zone display to see the time for a specific location.

2. NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Information Cloudiness Map

To successfully view the eclipse, the sky must be cloudless. You can see what to expect in the weather with this interactive map. It shows the average temperature range, dew point, wind direction and shade levels across the US.

3. Eclipse simulator eclipse2024

Dan McGlaun takes the interactive eclipse map to the next level. He presented a complete simulation of what you will see. In addition to the total eclipse, the simulation includes options for glare, the moon's shadow, and the stars and planets you'll be able to see. Choose a location, watch the simulation and prepare for what's to come.

people watching solar eclipse

4. Guide to Solar Eclipses

Eclipse mapper Michael Seiler's website is a treasure trove of information. On this site you can find all the eclipse maps - from fly-bys all the way and images showing how the shadow moves to printed mapsthat can be hung on the wall. However, perhaps the most useful thing on the day of the eclipse itself will be a 112-page spiral-bound road atlas, which shows the path of the eclipse in great detail. It even comes with several pairs of glasses for observing this phenomenon.

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5. Interactive map The Eclipse Company

Where are you going to watch the eclipse? For some, the side of the road or the parking lot of a shopping center is suitable. Those who want to approach this matter professionally should pay attention to this map, which simplifies the search for places in a particular region. Considering how many rural areas the April eclipse will cover, this could be quite a challenge.

6. Trajectory of a total solar eclipse from Timeanddate

The Norwegian site Timeandddate is one of the best on eclipses. Its magnificent interactive maps let you know the exact schedule for any location, including average cloud cover, and even save locations to a list.

7. NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio's

It's no surprise that NASA has a map of this eclipse. It illustrates the path of total eclipse using spacecraft images of the earth. Blue Marble Next Generation and the latest data on the lunar topography from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft. And night photographs of the Earth from Black marble to determine the trajectory of a total solar eclipse. You can download it here.

8. Interactive map National Solar Observatory's

It is similar to Xavier Jubier's interactive map, but only contains the most important information. For example, if you click on a location in the path of a total solar eclipse, you will receive a message: “Hurray! You will be one of the lucky few to witness a total solar eclipse,” and the time has already been converted to the appropriate time zone. If you choose a place close to the trajectory, you will receive a message: “From here to the total eclipse, less than 30 minutes drive.”

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