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Conspiracy theorist self-immolates during Trump trial


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April 19, when the trial was underway about Donald Trump's fraud, a Florida man "armed with conspiracy theory flyers" set himself on fire outside Manhattan Criminal Court. He died, he says New York Post.

Max Azzarello, 37, of St. Augustine, Florida, went to a public park across the street from the building on April 19 vessels at 100 Center St. just after 13:30 p.m. This happened just at the moment when the jury's decision was finalized on Trump's historic case.

Once in the park, Azzarello took off his jacket, doused himself with an alcohol-based liquid, and then set himself on fire.

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“It was burning. The area in the park where some of the liquid spilled was also on fire, said NYPD Chief Jeffrey Maddrey, describing the horror. “Civilians, bailiffs, police officers all ran into the park and tried to put it out.” They carried coats and fire extinguishers."

Those who rushed to help put out the flames, including three NYPD officers and one court official, suffered minor burns.

Disturbing footage from the scene shows Azzarello completely engulfed in flames within minutes. His blackened body convulsed on the ground as terrified witnesses screamed in the background.

Suicide manifesto

Just seconds before setting himself on fire, Azzarello reached into his bag and pulled out a stack of colorful brochures. He threw them into the air.

In his rambling 2648-word manifesto, published online before his self-immolation, Azzarello described himself as an investigative researcher. He said he committed self-immolation as an "ultimate act of protest" against the "totalitarian fraud" and the impending "apocalyptic fascist world coup."

“These pamphlets appear to be based on propaganda. "It's like a manifesto that's all about conspiracy theories," said NYPD Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenney. “The brochures contain information that some of our local educational institutions are supposedly fronts for the mafia.”

First responders loaded the badly burned Azzarello into an ambulance and took him to the burn unit at Cornell University Hospital. On April 20, the victim died.

“It happened very quickly. He was furious and seemed determined,” the witness said. “I heard a rustling sound: a man threw papers, and they fell noisily to the ground.”

“He then pulled out the can and poured the contents over himself. At that moment I thought that something terrible might happen,” the witness admitted.


Azzarello is from Florida and arrived in New York around last Saturday, police said. His family didn't even know he had left Florida.

He was photographed outside the courthouse on April 18. He stood with a sign that read, “Trump is with Biden and they are going to give us a fascist coup.” His hands were covered with red and black gloves, and a backpack hung behind his back.

Authorities said they were reviewing security protocols in the area.

“This gentleman did not violate safety protocols, the park was open,” Maddrey noted. “We are going to look at whether we need to close this area.”

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