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New Yorkers who want to buy a 3D printer will have their criminal background checked: why is this necessary?


Alina Prikhodko

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New York lawmakers have introduced a bill that would require people planning to purchase 3D printers to provide information about their criminal history. This bill, authored by Senator Jennifer Rajkumar, aims to prevent the illegal production of weapons using 3D printing, as reported by Shazoo.

Bill AB A8132 also would prohibit the sale of 3D printers to persons prohibited by law from owning firearms. But it remains unclear exactly which 3D printer models will be covered by this law.

3D-printed guns, which can be created using such printers for as little as $150, are sometimes called “ghost” guns because they have no serial numbers and are available for purchase without ID checks. Over the past two years, the NYPD has seen a 60% increase in seizures of such weapons.

Edward Caban, the New York Police Commissioner, highlighted the dangers of the proliferation of “ghost” guns and said those who believe 3D-printed guns are the future are wrong.

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However, legislation in this area has generated some debate, including arguments about free speech and the Second Amendment to the US Constitution. Cody Wilson, company founder Defense Distributed, expressed support for this initiative, noting that such legislative steps could contribute to the commercial protection of companies operating in this area.

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