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A scientist from New York accidentally revealed his drug laboratory to the police.


Alina Prikhodko

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A New York scientist has pleaded guilty to running a methamphetamine laboratory. According to Fox News, police discovered it last year when a man reported a break-in.

Matthew Leshinski, a 23-year-old Farmingville resident, recklessly exposed himself to police. He reported a burglary at his business, Quantitative Laboratories, LLC, located in Ronkonkoma, on June 7 around 03:30 a.m., according to a statement from the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office.

Suffolk County Police arrived on scene to find broken glass at the lab entrance. Officers observed, among other things, a clandestine laboratory that was engaged in the production, manufacture and preparation of methamphetamine and dimethyltryptamine, a hallucinogenic substance, as well as other controlled substances.

Officers then obtained a search warrant for the premises and located more than 100 pieces of laboratory equipment, chemicals and solvents used in the manufacture, manufacture or preparation of methamphetamine, as well as substances resulting from the manufacture or preparation of methamphetamine.

Among those found were: ecstasy, 85 grams of methamphetamine, more than 625 grams of pure ketamine and more than 20 plastic 200-liter drums of gamma-butyrolactone, which is chemically similar to gamma-hydroxybutyric acid (also called the “date rape drug”). . In addition, police seized about $40.

'For the public good'

“The defendant operated a 'Breaking Bad'-style drug lab and attempted to disguise it as a legitimate business,” said Suffolk County Prosecutor Raymond Tierney. In the television series 'Breaking Bad', a high school chemistry teacher opens a methamphetamine laboratory.

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Leshinski pleaded guilty to 13 counts, including unlawful manufacture of methamphetamine, improper disposal of laboratory waste, criminal possession of methamphetamine manufacturing material and reckless endangerment. He will appear in court for sentencing on March 20.

Despite the drug-making admission, David Besso, Leshinski's lawyer, said his client was a "brilliant" scientist who analyzed drug addiction "for the public good" and denied allegations that he sold methamphetamine from a lab.

Leshinski applied for a license through the Department of Environmental Conservation but was operating without proper certification at the time of his arrest, Besso said. “Unfortunately, he took the wrong path,” the lawyer added.

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