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Ukrainian recognized as the best student in the world: he received a prestigious award in New York


Nadezhda Verbitskaya

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Ukrainian Igor Klymenko became the winner of the Global Student Prize 2022 for the development of a mine-detector drone. The victory was announced on September 20 in New York, and the 42nd US President Bill Clinton presented him with a golden statuette. In addition, Igor received $100 to continue the project. Competition organizer annually presents the Global Student Prize to an exceptional student who has made a real impact on science, the lives of their peers, and society at large.

The site Global Teacher Prize it is said that Igor Klimenko is studying physical and mathematical sciences at the Kiev Polytechnic Institute. He is passionate about finding solutions to the global problem of landmines.

In the 5th grade, when the military conflict began in eastern Ukraine, Igor realized that he wanted to help his country. Always interested in science, the guy decided to apply his knowledge in the creation of mine-clearing robots. And in the 10th grade, the guy began to include quadrocopters and unmanned aerial vehicles in his ideas.

For the past two years, he has been actively working on a new study - a quadcopter mine detector. The guy successfully represented him at numerous competitions and exhibitions. For example, he was a finalist of the X Festival of Innovative Projects “Sikorsky Challenge 2021: Ukraine and the World”. Igor, among other things, received a Gold Medal in the junior category at the 21st Technology Exhibition in Malaysia in 2022. This award was especially significant for Igor, as it allowed him to successfully present his research to the world.

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Igor has developed two working prototypes of his device

Now Klymenko is working with investors and various organizations in order to provide his invention to the Ukrainian army as quickly as possible. In this way, he hopes to help reduce the number of victims of explosive devices and begin the reconstruction of Ukraine.

The guy has already received two official patents from Ukraine for his device. In addition, Igor works with the media to raise awareness of the mine problem among many military and civilians. The talented teenager is currently participating in the UF Startup School Beginner 2022 business incubator.

At school, Igor took an active part in various social events. He is a member of the Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Together with its representatives, he involves young people in the study of science and the implementation of ideas. Igor gave lectures on the promotion of education and science for students of the innovative school Think Global. At the end of the 9th grade, he began to conduct online math classes for younger students from different parts of Ukraine. In addition to scientific and school affairs, he has been teaching mathematics for 2 years.

Since September, Igor began his studies at the Canadian University of Alberta at the Faculty of Informatics.

Volunteer Activity

Growing up in a war-torn country where every day he hears the noise of planes, shells or anti-missiles, Igor is an active volunteer.

Every day he continues to study, despite the horrors of the war around him, in order to get a good education, continue his studies and restore Ukraine.

Igor has a plan to start mass production of his mine detector drone. Received with Global Student Prize money he plans use to develop cooperation with companies and organizations that invest in his project and take over the production.

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