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Field hospital is being built in Central Park for coronavirus infected


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A field hospital for those infected with coronavirus will be erected in Central Park. It will work on March 31 and will be able to accept up to 70 patients. This is one of the steps to help relieve the medical system during a pandemic. This publication writes «РИА Новости».

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About hospital

A hospital called Samaritan's Purse is located in New York City Central Park, opposite The Mount Sinai Clinic. On March 29, white tents were already installed there.

This hospital will work around the clock and will be able to receive 68 patients.

10 beds inside the hospital will be equipped for intensive care and resuscitation, here it will be possible to install artificial lung ventilation devices. “10 patients in very serious condition can be accommodated here. The hospital can work 60-70 doctors, ”- said team leader Elliott Tenpenny. Tenpenny has at one time treated in field hospitals in West Africa, Iraq and Ecuador, the source notes.

A similar field hospital, he said, had been erected two weeks ago in Cremona, Italy. “We have made certain conclusions and are using them here in New York,” he added.

If necessary, Tenpenny noted, the hospital could be expanded.

When will be completed

Construction is scheduled to be completed in 48 hours, and the first patients will be accepted on Tuesday, March 31. This was announced by New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo.

It is noted that the hospital will only accept patients referred from The Mount Sinai Medical Complex.

On the subject: In New York, right on the street, an impromptu morgue was created for victims of the coronavirus

Behind the creation of the hospital is the humanitarian Christian organization Samaritan's Purse (“Suma Samaritan”). In turn, the authorities in New York help with the coordination of work and provide logistical support.

Additional hospitals

New York authorities fear that hospitals will not cope with the influx of patients amid the outbreak of COVID-19. To relieve the medical system, it was decided to set up additional hospitals. For this, engineering troops arrived in the state.

One of the treatment centers will be the Jacob Javits Expocenter, equipped as a hospital.

Also on March 30, a medical ship Comfort for 1000 beds will arrive in New York. Patients who do not have coronavirus will be brought there, the newspaper writes.

Casualties COVID-19

As the Interfax EditionIn less than a month, 1 New Yorkers died from the effects of coronavirus infection. The largest number of deaths recorded in the last few days. In New York City alone, nearly 026 people died.

According to the agency, the official data will be announced no earlier than Monday, March 30.

Recall that the first infected with coronavirus COVID-19 in the state of New York became known on March 1.

Throughout America, more than 142 thousand cases of coronavirus infection were detected, almost 2,5 thousand people died, as evidenced by data from Johns Hopkins University.

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