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In New York, two newborns were beaten to death: a reward was promised for information about the killer

09.04.2021, 14: 11 EST

Lyudmila Balabay

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In November 2020, the bodies of two newborn boys were found near an apartment building in the Bronx. Now the forensic examination has established that they were beaten to death. NYPD Offers Rewards For Killer Information, Writes New York Daily News.

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The boys, who weighed five and six pounds (2 and 260 kg), are estimated by forensic scientists to be full-term identical twins. Their bodies were discovered on November 2 by the superintendent of the College Avenue apartment building. Experts estimate that the children were found less than 720 hours after the murder.

“It doesn't look like falling injuries. It was most likely either punches or blunt force trauma, ”said Lt. William O'Toole, head of the Bronx Murder Investigation Unit.

According to O'Toole, both babies were naked, and a washcloth was wrapped around the neck of one of them.

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“Everyone is upset about what happened,” said Ramon Sanchez, 67, who has long lived in the house where the bodies were found. - Nobody wants to talk about it. Everyone is scared. "

NYPD spent weeks looking for the boys' mother. If she sought medical help, it was not in New York City, Westchester County and New Jersey hospitals - all medical facilities in these areas were checked by the police.

The cops spoke to every resident of 42 apartments in the building on College Avenue, as well as in neighboring buildings. No one recalled a pregnant woman living or visiting the building.

The detectives also spoke to residents of the homeless shelter across the street.

“There were four pregnant women in the shelter. But they were all pregnant when the bodies were found, ”O'Toole said.

Police said the trash check in the area did not produce any results, and the videos from the security cameras also did not help in the search for the suspects.

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“The investigation is now entering a scientific phase, during which we will analyze fingerprints and DNA in the laboratory,” said detective Brianna Constantino. - But it will take a long time. In addition, we are asking for help from the public. "

On April 8, police announced a $ 10 information bounty for this case, although this investigation originally offered a $ 000 bounty.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS. The police guarantee confidentiality to informants.

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