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There is a store in New York that sells goods from Amazon and Target at half price

10.05.2021, 17: 45 EST

Olga Derkach

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A warehouse in Astoria, Queens, has a store that sells surplus stocks of Amazon, Target and CVS items for less than half the price. The edition told in more detail Insider.

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“The first time I heard about Bingers Bargain Bins on TikTok was when I saw a video of a woman rummaging through a large box,” writes Frank Olito. “After further investigation, I learned that Bingers opened in February and is considered" New York's newest discounted mall. " The company buys surplus goods from major US retailers such as Amazon, CVS and Target and sells it super cheap in its warehouse. ”

“It sounds like a riddle,” said Julian Callegari, co-founder of Bingers. - Most people come and do not know what they will get. Sometimes you go in and see what you saw on Amazon the other day. "

Inside, the store looks like a storage room filled with people rummaging through large bins of groceries.

At the front of the store is a table lined with large Ikea bags that people can use as shopping baskets, a box of gloves, and hand sanitizer. The people in the store are all wearing masks.

Prices change every day, so there is always a large sign above the baskets with a breakdown of prices by day.

Every Friday morning, the store is fully replenished with new items, so the price of each item in the store on that day is the highest - still, the items are only $ 6,99. Then the price is reduced every day of the week until they are the cheapest - 99 cents on Tuesdays.

The store is closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

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“I chose Tuesday because it was the cheapest day and decided I would get the best finds at the lowest price. It was a mistake. When I started to rummage around, I was sifting through mostly items I could find at my local dollar store. At first glance, I found a lot of holiday decorations, children's toys, face masks and underwear, ”writes Olito.

The cashier said that since the store's inventory is replenished once a week, most of the great items are bought on Friday and Saturday. In fact, the company's Facebook page said they were selling $ 120 sports memorabilia, a $ 45 hand blender, and a $ 60 professional hairdryer at $ 6,99.

“Even though most of these items were gone by Tuesday, the cashier promised me that if I dig deep, there are probably some great finds waiting to be discovered,” the author writes. “At first I could only find empty boxes and other useless items, but I was determined to keep searching. I ended up finding a phone case that I really liked and screen protectors. On Amazon, a DTTO phone case is $ 12 and screen protectors are $ 10. If I bought them online, I would spend $ 22, but they only cost $ 2 at Bingers. "

Next to the baskets are stacks of books that customers can buy for $ 1.

While Callegari did not go into the details of his buying process, most major retailers sell off surplus items cheap when they have too much of one item or when customers return what they bought. Callegari said he and the other founders of the company began sourcing these items from major retailers back in August.

Around the same time, they started a similar business, but closed it down to found Binger. The store has grown in popularity over the past few months.

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“When we first opened, it took us about two months to sell a whole truck,” Callegari said. "Now we sell a truck every week and a half."

Above the books were three boxes, which Bingers called "mystery boxes."

A large mystery box costs $ 110, a medium one costs $ 75, and a small one costs $ 50. Callegari explained that each of the boxes, which can also be shipped across the US, is filled with items from Amazon and other retailers.

Callegari explained that the boxes are unique to Binger and add another level of uniqueness to shopping.

In addition, if a customer has spent $ 50 or more at Bingers, then the prize wheel can be spun to earn even more discounts. The wheel is located at the checkout and allows you to earn up to 15% on a purchase or three free items.

Even though the best merchandise is taken apart in the early days, the trip to Bingers is definitely worth it. Not only can you get great deals, but you can also enjoy it.

Fortunately, Callegari said he plans to develop Bingers, expanding the current space and opening up more locations across the three states.

“We plan to grow the business and attract as many people as possible,” said Callegari.

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