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Small Is Beautiful Miniature Art Exhibition to Open in New York: Hurry Up to Buy Tickets


Nadezhda Verbitskaya

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Depth and creativity of the exhibition Small Is Beautiful made a splash all over the world. On February 21, the exhibition can be seen in New York at 718 Broadway. Secret nyc.

Join waiting listto be the first to receive tickets to the exhibition, ticket sales will start on January 31st. The exhibition features over 30 international artists and 130 works of art.

This artistic universe, celebrating everything tiny, was born on social media, and then it was taken up by artists.

Artists from all over the world will be represented in New York, here are some of them:

  • Danny Cortez (New York). Brooklyn artist Danny Cortez presents landscapes of his hometown from the 1990s.
  • Vincent Bal (Belgium). Known for his play with light and shadow, Antwerp-based artist Vincent Bal transforms everyday objects into stunning images.
  • Samsofi (France) - a native of the Pont de Labem. This visual artist mixes building models, installations, photography and street art. He uses figurines to create funny scenes and historical moments.
  • Noel Burd (Michigan). The Ann Arbor-based artist specializes in minute detail for her intricate dioramas. These miniature structures pay tribute to the mysticism of abandoned and deserted places.
  • Negar Faal (Iran). Inspired by graffiti and origami, this former art teacher from Tehran uses paper and sculpting to create her art.
  • Minimiam (France). Based in Paris, French-Japanese photographer duo Akiko Ida and Pierre Javel create miniature food art.
  • Slinkachu (Great Britain). Working in London, Slinkachu places figurines in urban environments... and then abandons them. His miniature street art is meant to convey the isolation of life in big cities.

In addition to the works at the exhibition, master classes for children aged 7-12 will be held. Nearby there is a shop where you can buy limited works of art from artists participating in the event. Ticket prices start at just $18,50.

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Small Is Beautiful has enchanted over 75 visitors in Paris and London. Now this movement is ready to open the minds of art lovers in New York!

Don't miss this magnificent feast of miniatures! Join the waiting list to get tickets!

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