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First all-digital museum opens in New York: exhibits react to the movements of guests


Olga Derkach

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New York's first digital museum has already opened. The Digital Experience Museum has a variety of installations for guests to interact with. The exhibition is open in Brooklyn, tickets are already on sale. Writes about it Secret nyc.

This exhibition shows the work of artists of the future and showcases unique digital technologies. Some of the museum exhibits react to your movements, which will surely create some funny and memorable moments.

The Digital Experience Museum (or Mode NYC) is located in Dumbo Brooklyn at 65 Jay Street. The average time to see the entire exhibition is 40 minutes, but visitors can stay longer and take some photos or even videos while the exhibition is open.

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Museum opening hours: Thursday-Friday from 16:00 to 21:00, Saturday-Sunday from 13:00 to 21:00.

Tickets - by link.

The exhibition is suitable for all ages and is the perfect place for a family visit. Tickets start at $18 for students, seniors, and military personnel. General tickets for adults will cost $24 per person.

In this exhibition, visitors essentially merge with the exhibit and become part of the installations. You will definitely have something to discuss with friends and family.

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