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A musical in support of Israel will be shown in New York: it is a touching and funny production


Alina Prikhodko

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A young man, his grandmother, who suffers from dementia, and a cactus are the main characters of a new hilarious musical in English and a little Yiddish, which opens on November 5 will show в Theater Row (410 West 42nd Street). This touching story, called “My grandma's Mind Is Like An Ocean,” combines humor, nostalgia and a bit of Jewish charm.

Host of the Radiotopia podcast “Travels of a blind guy” and creator of construction instructions Lego for the blind presents a hilarious, heartfelt, surreal musical based on the memoirs of his Jewish grandmother, a Holocaust survivor.

Armed with his trusty accordion and a pair of tap shoes, Matthew Shifrin, composer and leading man in the musical, tries to figure out how to reach a man who lives in his own world. While working on the musical, Shifrin realized that Yiddish braille did not exist and created one.

The musical lasts 45 minutes, its premiere took place on Boston Festival Of New Jewish Music. The Theater Row screening will be the New York premiere.

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Proceeds will go to Magen David Adom, an organization that provides resources to emergency workers, doctors and nurses in Israel.

To buy a ticket, go to here to register: and scroll down to the musical “My grandma's Mind Is Like An Ocean”.

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