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In New York, a young mother was shot dead in the middle of the street: the father of the child turned out to be the killer


Olga Derkach

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The police announced that the suspect the murder of a 20-year-old mother while walking with her 3-month-old baby on the East Side of Manhattan, arrested. Writes about it NBC New York.

Detectives followed 22-year-old Isaac Argro for two days after the murder. Law enforcement sources identify Argro as the father of a three-month-old baby in a stroller who was unharmed.

The NYPD confirmed his arrest. Argro shouted "not guilty" as interrogators led him inside.

Lockdown officials said the shooter approached Johnson from behind around 20:30 p.m., shot her in the head, and ran away.

Multiple law enforcement sources with direct knowledge of the case say investigators have recovered CCTV footage, as well as other footage from and around the crime scene. They continue to gather clues that could track the shooter's movements.

Sources say the recovered video shows the shooter pacing in front of an apartment building just before the shooting. They also have CCTV footage showing a woman with a stroller.

According to senior NYPD officials, the cameras, which should have been aimed at the exact scene of the incident, were not immediately available.

The offender shot the woman in the head and fled. According to the NYPD, the gunman was last seen running east along 95th Street. One cartridge case was found at the scene.

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Mayor Eric Adams condemned the murder of the young mother.

“All this day we have been addressing the problem of the over-proliferation of weapons, how easily they are available and how easily these weapons can be used against innocent New Yorkers,” Adams said.

Johnson's mother Lisa Desort described her daughter as "a young queen". According to her, Johnson reported violence when she was pregnant, but no one responded.

It's unclear which of the two pregnancies Johnson was referring to, but two senior NYPD officials have confirmed that a domestic violence report involving Johnson was filed in January 2021.

The father of the first child also threatened her

“The city let my daughter down because on January 1, my daughter called me and said that she had been abused when she was six months pregnant,” the mother of the murdered woman complained. “She was afraid to call the police, so I called.”

Police responded and made sure Johnson was safe, Desort said. Her daughter then went to live with her mother, who says police said they couldn't find the child's father. It was not the father of the second child, according to police.

In the end, the young woman ended up in a shelter for victims of domestic violence.

“She worked until the end of her pregnancy and was on maternity leave with this baby. He continued to harass her and threatened my life and the life of my daughter,” Desort said, adding that she sincerely feared for Johnson’s safety.

Police department officials confirmed that the report was filed in 2021.

“I tried my best to protect my daughter. She had to leave my house, she couldn't live there because he knew where Johnson was," Desort said.

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When Johnson first introduced the man to her mother, the mother says, her daughter came home late and he paced up and down the house while he waited.

“I’m in my house and he’s going back and forth thinking my daughter is cheating on him,” Desort explained. She was with her friends. My daughter is not a cheater. Johnson was pregnant with his child."

At that time, she was pregnant with her first child, and it was not a suspect in the murder.

I was afraid this might happen

Desort was afraid something like this or something like that was about to happen.

“My daughter graduated from high school with honors, she wanted to become a pediatric nurse,” Desort shared. “She had an early child and was the most wonderful mother imaginable. She was hardworking, working every day to give her children the very best."

And to the man she thought Johnson killed, Desort said, “I treated you like a son. I welcomed you to my home. I talked to you and comforted you when you were upset. I fed you."

“Go to a psychologist. You didn't have to hurt my daughter. We could be a family,” she concluded.

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