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The luxurious mansion of a famous mafioso is being sold in New York


Lyudmila Balabay

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A legendary baroque mansion is looking for a new owner who doesn't mind his new home having a bloody past. In Tony Todt Hill on Staten Island (the highest natural point on the East Coast), a mansion that belonged to Gambino crime family boss "Big Paul" Castellano is up for sale, writes New York Post.

For a 33 square foot (000 sq m) mansion asking $16,8 million.

Castellano began building the eight-bedroom house in 1976, when he succeeded his son-in-law Carlo Gambino as syndicate don.

He designed the opulent building, with its columned portico and fountain-lined driveway, to resemble the White House. This is what they still call it in the area.

Construction of the 4-story complex was completed in 1980. Castellano lived there until 1985, when he was killed outside the Manhattan steakhouse Sparks.

Screenshot from Zillow

In 2000, Selim "Sal" Rusi bought the mansion for $3,1 million. According to public records, the building is now owned by three people and has been extensively altered since Castellano's time.

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In addition to its gangster history, the mansion also has many luxurious amenities.

Each of the eight bedrooms has an en-suite bathroom and there is a huge balcony at the back of the house.

It also features a home theater, gym, sauna, “personal beauty salon,” wine cellar, solarium, library, elevator, 13-car showroom, and indoor and outdoor pools, according to the listing.

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