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New York to host first-ever Jewish Mishpacha festival


Olga Derkach

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New York's first festival "Mishpacha: a celebration of genealogy, heritage and immigration" will take place on Sunday, May 21 at the Museum of Jewish Heritage. The edition told in more detail Time-out.

"Mishpacha", which means "family" in Hebrew, will be dedicated to Jewish culture. Visitors can expect lectures on genealogy, Jewish heritage panels, cooking demonstrations, live music, and other family-friendly activities.

And speaking of family, attendees can connect with some new relatives thanks to genealogists who can help with family history research.

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“We are proud to present the first Mishpacha Festival to celebrate and explore Jewish genealogy, heritage and immigration with our partners,” said Jack Kliger, CEO and President of the Jewish Heritage Museum. There will be lectures and activities for people of all ages. We are opening the museum to welcome our 'family' and learn more about the heritage and community together."

The festival kicks off with a concert featuring Grammy Award winner Joanie Leeds, Jeff Litman and Andy Ray Healy. Throughout the festival, JewishGen will host a series of genealogy discussions.

Artistic Director of the People's Theater in Yiddish, Zalmen Mlotek, will sing, and Deputy Artistic Director Motl Didner will talk about the Hebrew language. David Teif, owner of the museum's LOX Café, will showcase Jewish cuisine, and the organizers will host storytelling workshops for the whole family.

The exhibits of the museum will be open for viewing, as will the Lox museum cafe, where you can order kosher Jewish dishes not only in the restaurant, but also to take away. A cloakroom and lockers are available, and all visitors to the museum must go through a security check.

The festival will run from 10:00 am to 17:00 pm with a recommended donation of $18. Some virtual events will also be available to remote attendees.

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