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The Beatles Festival will take place in New York: there will be music, dancing, food and madness


Alina Prikhodko

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Sixty years ago, The Beatles first landed at Kennedy Airport and revolutionized modern music with their fresh new sound. “Beatlemania” began, which continues to this day. According to timeout, this anniversary festival will exceed all your expectations.

To celebrate the anniversary of this event, fans of The Beatles gather each year at The Fest for Beatles Fans. The festival features yoga classes, karaoke, trivial games, transcendental meditation and, of course, a lot of music. This year marks the 9th anniversary of the festival, which will take place February 11-50 at the historic TWA Hotel at Kennedy Airport.

Expect a stellar line-up of special guests led by Micky Dolenz of the Monkees. Ticket prices starts at $89 and goes up to $299 for a three-day pass.

The three-day event will feature special guests. You will find interesting meetings, live music, a giant Beatles market, a Beatles museum, a rare items auction, an art gallery and an impromptu “fan jam” in the hotel lobby throughout the weekend.

Other events include Beatles-themed yoga, transcendental meditation talks, a poetry jam, trivia games and a “Name the Tune” show. Guests will definitely get into the spirit of the 60s with a dress-up dance party, a retro hair salon and vintage clothing vendors.

Music is timeless

Music, of course, plays a fundamental role in this event. You'll hear performances from Liverpool, The Weeklings, Black Ties, Blac Rabbit, Cellophane Flowers and Jeff Slate's Weekend Wilburys. Beatles remix DJs are welcome to bring their own music, and anyone with an instrument can take part in a jam session in the lobby.

At the festival you can find out more about the guys from Liverpool. All guests associated with The Beatles will share their stories related to the Fab Four. Legendary musicians include Lawrence Juber (Wings guitarist), Billy J Kramer (Liverpool legend), Gregg Bissonnette (Ringo Starr Band), Steve Holley (Wings drummer) and Mark Rivera (Ringo Starr Band, Billy Joel).

When New Jersey resident Mark Lapidos founded The Fest 50 years ago, he personally received John Lennon's blessing to host the event. “I’m all for it, I’m a Beatles fan too!” Lennon told him. Since then, the event has become the largest and longest-running celebration of The Beatles. It takes place throughout the year in many cities and regions.

This year the event returns to Kennedy Airport, where music legends sparked a cultural revolution that continues to this day. So we advise you not to delay buying tickets and already start preparing for the festival.

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