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Restaurant Week starts in New York: 13 best offers


Alina Prikhodko

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Restaurant Week is held twice a year. The 2024 winter season will run from January 16 to February 4, with more than 600 restaurants participating. This is a pretty big list, but Theinfatuation I decided to help and narrowed it down to 13 best options.

This year, restaurants are offering multi-course menus for $30, $45 and $60, but not every location will have all of these options, so be sure to check prices in advance. Additionally, not all restaurants participate every week. On Saturdays participation in the promotion is not provided, but on Sundays it is possible.


One of the best Thai restaurants in the city. Kru is a place you should check off your list, especially if you visit Williamsburg frequently. During Restaurant Week, you can create your own multi-course menu, such as duck confit salad and red curry branzino. A bottle of wine for $30 is a very nice bonus.


Even during Restaurant Week, Frenchette remains more expensive than most other restaurants. But you can squeeze some value out of a $60 meal at what is arguably New York's best French restaurant. Cassoulet usually costs over $50 on its own, and it's one of the affordable dishes along with the exceptional fried chicken and skate grenobloise (grilled salmon with butter, lemon and parsley sauce) at the Tribeca restaurant.

Gallaghers Steakhouse

If you're in Midtown, choose Gallaghers, where you can enjoy a $30 midday lunch with black-and-white photos of baseball players and racehorses as a backdrop. Opened in 1927, the restaurant in the Theater District remains one of New York City's premier steakhouses.

The fulton

The Fulton is a two-level seafood restaurant by Jean Georges with fantastic views of the East River and Brooklyn Bridge, located on Pier 17 in FiDi. You can easily spend a huge amount of money here, so this is the ideal time to visit. Start with oysters or ceviche, then grab a cheeseburger with gruyere and crispy onions.

Momoya Soho

Momoya Soho is a delightful but expensive establishment, so it's worth checking out right now. Lunch at this modern fish tank-style sushi spot includes several small appetizers and your choice of main course. Options include sashimi with rice and a set of seven nigiri and rolls.

On the subject: A newly opened restaurant in Brooklyn was named the best in America.


As one of several thousand Hand Hospitality restaurants, LittleMad is easy to miss. But the food—a mix of Korean, French, and American cuisine—is fun, inventive, and worth trying at least once. Dinner here usually costs $95, so go here now if you want a smaller check.

Silver Apricot

Have you tried the shallot puffs at Silver Apricot yet? Do that, then order the scallop fried rice or the mapo squash rice cakes. This West Village restaurant offers a creative take on new American/Chinese cuisine and is offering $50 bottles of wine during Restaurant Week.

Hav & Mar

Marcus Samuelsson's globally inspired Chelsea restaurant is his best work to date, and there's always good energy in the mermaid-themed space.


Artsy French and Austrian restaurant Koloman serves food that looks like it should be on display in a museum and tastes like an upscale weekend in Vienna. Stop by this restaurant for a $30 lunch of crispy schnitzel and apple strudel with frozen buttermilk.

The Crocodile

A plate of chicken and fries in the huge French restaurant located in the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg. Thin, crispy fries are placed in a large pile on the side of the baked chicken, soaking up the sauce that is at the bottom of the dish. For dessert, we recommend ordering profiteroles.


Prix-fixe meals at Manhatta typically start at $115, and people are happy to pay that price because it includes panoramic views from the 60th floor of the FiDi skyscraper. It works. Bring here someone who thinks they've already been to all the interesting restaurants in Brooklyn.


Freemans will always be referred to as “that restaurant hidden down an alley on the Lower East Side.” Seclusion is a big part of its appeal, although the classic American cuisine and hunting lodge-like atmosphere are also quite enjoyable. Stop by here for some artichoke dip.


The restaurant scene in Long Island City has exploded over the past few years, so now's the time to check it out. For Sichuan cuisine, such as mapo tofu with a thick layer of saffron onions. Unlike most of the other establishments on this list, their dinner includes two cocktails.

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