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A candy house has opened in Rockefeller Center: complete the quest and find your Christmas magic


Alina Prikhodko

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As soon as the Halloween clock strikes midnight, New Yorkers are ready to immediately swap pumpkins for gingerbread houses and garlands. What could be better than a sweet, exciting adventure in one of the most famous places in New York before the Christmas holidays? Candy Cottage of Christmas Magic officially opened its doors to visitors on Sunday, November 5th.

The Candy Cottage of Christmas Magic at Rockefeller Center is located just steps from the iconic Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree in the heart of Manhattan. Once the world-famous ice skating rink opens in late October, the square transforms into a Christmas wonderland with holiday gift shops and restaurants opening in late November when the iconic Christmas tree is lit.

The Candy House invites guests to explore shelves of enchanting sweets and entertaining treats for a whirlwind journey that will provide the sweetest holiday memories for the entire season.

What's in store for you?

This is interactive holiday entertainment for children and adults. The presentation consists of three parts. First you enter the candy house itself, where keepers in festive flannel pajamas, festive winter hats and red aprons embroidered with the names “Cinnamon” and “Caramel” will welcome you into a small room.

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They'll tell you a short story about how the Candy House came to be, give you the opportunity to pick one or two candies from the wall, and then give you a quest map. You will walk through the Rockefeller Center area, which turns into a real Christmas wonderland during the holidays. You will need to find a candle with a scent that most closely resembles Christmas, make a wish by finding a magic keychain, find the most delicious cocoa and much more. Get ready to sing and dance as you complete the challenges.

After completing the quest, you will need to return to the Candy House for magic. Organizers ask that you arrive a few minutes before your scheduled entry time.

How much does it cost?

Costs vary depending on the day of the week and proximity to the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. General admission is $25 per person Monday through Thursday (unless it is a holiday week). If you purchase VIP tickets Monday through Thursday, which provide free entry to the lodge for two hours after ticket purchase, as well as a “Christmas collectible,” the cost is $50 per person. You can buy tickets here.

House of Candy is the first project from We Are Smile, a studio co-founded by creative producer Vance Garrett and Tony Award-winning theater and film producer Ariel Tepper, dedicated to immersive theatrical experiences.


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