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Hudson Yards hosts an exhibition of incredible flower sculptures


Olga Derkach

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Red carnations, purple hydrangeas, orange dahlias and pink roses have been transformed into enormous sculptures depicting travels around the world in a new exhibit at Hudson Yards. The free exhibition, called VOYAGE, will run until October 15. Writes about this Time-out.

Sixteen mannequins depict iconic global destinations including Mexico, Bermuda, Puerto Rico, Australia, West Africa, Japan, Scotland, China, India, Brazil, Italy, France, England, Spain, Greece and Canada. The exhibition draws on ancient monuments, diverse traditions, festivals and fashion to take visitors on a journey around the world.

World-renowned custom flower show company Fleurs de Villes has partnered with local New York City florists to create the exhibit, as it has for the past several years.

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“We are excited to return to our New York home at Hudson Yards with our new show, Fleurs de Villes VOYAGE, which will take people on a floral journey to iconic global destinations,” said Karen Marshall, co-founder of Fleurs de Villes Inc. – Flowers have the ability to unite people from all over the world and promote cultural understanding. This exhibition of fresh flowers does just that.”

Local florists tried their hand at designing 10ft (3m) tall mannequins. The following florists are participating in the exhibition: Florals by Olga, Cecilia Hill Floral Design, EMY Custom Flowers LLC, House of Bernal, Garddirani, Picaso USA, Jennifer Designs, Lianna Nelson, Lorena Eni Flowers, Piropo Flowers, Polycarp Flowers, Raven Hollow Guild Inc, Stellar Style Events LLC, Yours Truly Flowers, Matthew Dorman, and Austin Blake Conlee.

In addition to admiring the floral delights, visitors will be able to attend a master class by a local florist (tickets here), enjoy a floral-themed cocktail at the Queensyard restaurant and order dinner at the Estiatorio Milos restaurant. You can also pick up a ballot at the concierge desk and vote for your favorite.

The VOYAGE exhibit can be found on Level 1 of The Shops & Restaurants at Hudson Yards in Manhattan. The exhibition will be open from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 20:00 and from Sunday from 11:00 to 19:00 until October 15.

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