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Vandals released an eagle owl from the zoo in Central Park: they are looking for a bird all over the city


Olga Derkach

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A Eurasian eagle owl missing from the Central Park Zoo was spotted perched in a tree in the park. Writes about it CBS News.

A bird missing from the Central Park Zoo is now on the loose.

The zoo reported that the Eurasian eagle owl named Flaco disappeared from the exhibition at 20:30 on February 2. It was vandalized - the stainless steel mesh was cut.

The eagle owl was later spotted on the sidewalk of Fifth Avenue, but the bird flew away. She was discovered on February 3 in the morning in Central Park, where the authorities are now trying to find the bird.

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Edmund Berry, an ornithologist and photographer, saw Flaco near the Pulitzer Fountain in Grand Army Plaza, not far from Central Park, at 23:30 p.m. on February 2, writes ABC7NY.

The zoo staff found the bird sitting on a tree and stayed with it all night. At dawn on February 3, she flew out of a tree on Fifth Avenue into Central Park.

"Our focus and efforts are currently focused on the safe capture of the eagle owl," the Central Park Zoo said in a statement.

Officials say they continue to watch him near the pond in the park.

Journalist Leah Mishkin noticed a bird in the distance on a tree. The people she spoke to were glad the bird was now out in the open, while others fear for its safety.

Expert David Barrett, creator and manager of Manhattan Bird Alert, said Flaco is able to handle the cold, but after a decade in captivity, he may lack the skills to catch prey in the wild on his own. He needs to be rescued and fed.

Flaco is a predatory owl with a large wingspan and razor-sharp claws, so it is impossible to catch him until he wants to.

It is not known why the vandals released the eagle owl from the zoo, which is home to several species of owls.

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