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All New York was looking for a dog: the incredible story of the twice rescued Indy and her owner

26.07.2021, 16: 37 EST

Nurgul Sultanova-Chetin

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Indy is a dog who united people and made them believe in kindness! So many people responded to the message of her mistress about Indy's escape that they will talk about her for a long time. Heather - the owner of Indy - now recalls this story with tears, tells Voice of America... But these are tears of joy, because everything worked out.

Screenshot: Youtube / Voice of America

Intensive care nurse Heather Angus was on duty when her housekeeper called her.

“Indy broke, Indy ran away,” she heard on the phone. She did not wait and posted a message about the search for a dog on social networks. This escape became an ordeal for Heather.

She works in intensive care and fights for the lives of covid patients. Therefore, people immediately responded to the message of the front line worker in the fight against the pandemic. Hundreds of people asked Heather to send pictures of Indy. They wanted to hang them in their areas.

Screenshot: Youtube / Voice of America

When the townspeople saw Indy on the roads, they jumped out of their cars, trying to catch her. Indy is still afraid of people, because Heather took her from the orphanage just 3 months ago. She was brought there from Calcutta frightened and exhausted.

One of the eyewitnesses wrote to Heather that he could not catch Indy, as she was running "at Olympic speed." The latter was written in large letters.

New York Police Officer Assistance

Finally, in one of the longest tunnels in New York City, cameras captured Indy. And the duty sergeant Kaholo, seeing her dodging the cars, without hesitation, decided to stop the movement. Traffic was stopped on both sides of the tunnel, and 6 police officers tried to catch Indy.

Screenshot: Youtube / Voice of America

Fearless Indy freed herself from the hands of the officers and ran on down the expressway. The officers saw Heather's message and wrote to her that a similar dog was fleeing Manhattan to Queens. By this time, Heather had not slept for several days.

Not a single abandoned dog

Then the New York organization for the rescue of dogs in China, No dogs left behind, came to the rescue. The organization's logistics director, Tony Pagano, says it was a good example of how people came together. Despite the fact that Indy is not their dog, they used heavy artillery. There are thousands of announcements and an attempt to take pictures of the area with a drone.

Screenshot: Youtube / Voice of America

Tony Pagano says that thanks to eyewitness accounts, they drew a detailed map of Indy's movements on Google. The map showed that the dog ran half a metropolis and changed one of its islands to another.

Finally, on the seventh day of the search, Indy was caught in an industrial hangar. She was delivered to the hostess, scratched, emaciated, smeared with resin and dehydrated. And Heather, at the time of the reunion, thought that now she "needs to put on 10 leashes with GPS-navigators on Indy."

Faith in people

“You know, I regained faith in people. New Yorkers came to my rescue from nowhere. So many people rushed to look for this precious beast that I don't even know how to thank everyone, ”says Heather.

Heather is now thinking about creating a centralized New York City service to find escaped animals.

The brave officers of New York were awarded honorary diplomas, and the city breathed a sigh of relief. Indy is at home, sleeping among his bones and balls and dreams. Perhaps she is dreaming of her seven-day adventure in the metropolis.

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