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Fun and Healthy: The Best Dance Studios in New York


Olga Derkach

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Wherever you are in the world, dancing can be one of the best ways to free your mind from everyday worries. Your heart is racing, the music is playing, and everything but the next steps just disappears. In a city like New York, you'll find endless opportunities to have fun on the dance floor. Whether you want to take classes to improve your skills, practice or show off what you've already mastered, dancing in New York is the perfect way to get your heart pumping. Edition Secret nyc brought together 8 of the best dance studios in New York.

1. Dance With Me SoHo

No matter what style you want to dance, Dance With Me SoHo will teach you everything. Whether you want to show off in the formal ballroom or dance passionately in Latin dance all night long, you'll find everything you need here.

They also offer hip hop, contemporary and vogue. For more specific styles, you can solidify your footwork in elegant salsa or tango, or perk up in hustle and swing, which guarantee you will be the life of the party. If that's not enough, you can play waltz, rumba, and even nae nae.

  • Address: 676 Broadway, Fl 4
  • Works from Monday to Saturday

2 Fit4Dance

If you're more interested in dance fitness than style, Fit4Dance is for you. The classes here are simple, laid-back and friendly, with a focus on keeping you fit and helping you make friends.

Fit4Dance also offers the best dance classes available in NYC, keeping prices in a range that's easier on the wallet but just as important for community entertainment. With dance and fitness classes, online classes, private classes, choreography, dance event planning and more, Fit4Dance fits your life no matter the occasion.

  • Address: 778 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn
  • Open every day except Sunday
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3 Fitness

Another fantastic dance fitness option is to sign up for classes at 305 Fitness. Get ready to shake your ass, sweat and learn the choreography to the latest hits. Plus, every studio has a live DJ, so you won't be able to resist the urge to feel the beat.

  • Address: 18 W 8th St.
  • Open daily

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4. Bridge For Dance

Whether you're just starting out on your dance journey or have already reached a high level, Bridge For Dance is suitable for all levels. Classes here range from beginner to intermediate, with two levels in between, ensuring you always find the perfect group for your skills. They also offer a variety of open classes where aspiring dancers can easily connect with professionals to bring out hidden talents.

Their main dance styles - ballet, tap and jazz - will help you stay upbeat and well-prepared for any party. One of the best things about Bridge For Dance is that they offer a flashcard system for 5 or 10 sessions.

  • Address: 2726 Broadway Fl 3
  • Open daily

5. Steps on Broadway

For those trying to dance like a pro in New York City, Steps On Broadway lets you live out your Broadway fantasies. Here, daily professional and adult classes blend with youth programs to create an inclusive dance community.

Styles on offer include ballet, tap, contemporary jazz, hip hop, theater and more. With exciting guest teachers and new workshops, the class line-up here is as dynamic as the dancers who teach it. Plus, with their signature Spotlight Series and Virtual Steps options, you can dance anytime, anywhere, any way you like.

  • Address: Broadway 2121
  • Open daily
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If you want to learn how to dance to the hottest and trendiest music like a social media star, DivaDance can turn you into a diva in just one or two lessons. Classes here are built around three main concepts: "Confidence", "Community" and "Choreography".

To help you learn how to hit the dance floor, all sessions include socializing time. Your instructor asks a funny question to break the ice, helping you build the team mentality you need to get through the next hour with all your new friends.

  • DivaDance has four venues in New York - Lexington Avenue, Lafayette Street, Broadway and Herald Square Plaza
  • Open daily

7. Dancewave

If you prefer to dance with the strong support of the community, Dancewave transforms dance in New York into a social force for good like no other. However, where Dancewave really excels is in promoting active citizenship, self-reflection, and programs designed with the unique needs of local communities in mind.

What makes them even cooler is that Dancewave offers classes for people from 3 to 103 years old and goes out of their way to make dance an art accessible to everyone. Regardless of your background, ability or experience, Dancewave uses movement to promote social, emotional and cognitive development.

  • Address: 182 4th Ave, Brooklyn
  • Open daily
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8 Peridance Center

Peridance Center can improve your movements, no matter the style. If you're looking for some of the more quintessential disciplines, they offer ballet, contemporary, hip hop, jazz, and tap dance, as do many other studios.

However, when you need a more personalized style, their body conditioning programs can teach you how to shape, bend, and let your body learn to move in whatever style you want. For some specialized styles, they also have house, salsa and African dances. An added bonus is that the classes range from absolute beginners to advanced, so you'll always find a class and instructor that suits your needs.

  • Address: 126 E 13th St
  • Open daily
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