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This summer, New Yorkers will be able to ride vintage subway trains: details


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Vintage subway trains are returning to New York City to transport its residents back to the past. SecretNYC talks about routes and tickets.


The New York Transit Museum is bringing back New Yorkers' beloved tradition of riding vintage trains. Metro.

Residents of the Big Apple will have the opportunity to ride in vintage carriages that carried people around the city more than a century ago.

Two routes

Today two routes will be available under the Nostalgia Rides program. They provide extremely popular trips to the beach, available for those who want a little sun in addition to echoes of history.

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Tourists will travel one of the routes in vintage carriages train 1s R9-1930 on Saturday, July 20, from Manhattan's 96th Street-Second Avenue Station to the seaside destination Coney Island.

Passengers can step off the train and enjoy all that Coney Island is famous for: its famous boardwalk, amusement park rides and, of course, Nathan's Hot Dog. Guests will have the option to stay on the beach or head back to 96th Street-Second Avenue.

The second trip to the beach area will take place in the Rockaways on Sunday, August 11th. You can take the train from 96th Street-Second Avenue Station to Rockaway Park-Beach 116th Street.

Taking the scenic journey from Manhattan to Queens, tourists will be able to splash around in the ocean and spend time on one of the best beaches in New York. They can return to the city the same day or stay longer and find their own way home.


Tickets are already on sale. Their cost: $60 for adults and $40 for children under 17 years old.

If you would like to take a ride on one of the vintage trains, see more information here.

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